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  1. The original Japanese release of The Beatles Rock ‘N’ Roll Music album used this photo for a poster that came along with the package. There’s one available on eBay now.

  2. Astrid says:

    Sure this is 1965? Because the German text says it was taken for the BRAVO Beatles Blitztournee….which took place in 1966 as we all know.


  3. jes says:

    I have no idea if this photo was taken in 65 or 66, but the Bravo caption clearly is pure mumpitz.

  4. Astrid says:

    @Huh? This is the normal captions you could and still can find on pictures in the BRAVO. It is their style. My daughter reads the magazine and they still write like this.
    Of course that picture might not have been taken for the tour only…but you know that the tour was called BRAVO Blitztournee and they had the rights to publish pictures. I think this was in the magazine after the tour….

    Or do you think the text does not make sense and it isn’t German? Believe me, the text DOES make sense, it is good German….I must know I am German!
    Only thing that looks like mumpitz is the year, it looks like 1968…but that might be due to the quality of the scan here.


  5. jes says:

    Do you really think the Beatles sat down with the people from Bravo, picked this photo and told them to write “Friends, under our Queen´s flag we had our picture taken for you. As a memento for the Bravo Blitztournee
    on 24. and 25. June 1966.” ? Nah, it´s completely made up. Maybe it was taken in Germany during that tour, maybe not. Actually looks like 1966 to me. I just think that you cannot use the caption to reliably date the picture. Bravo, like POP Rocky etc. simply made quotes up, perhaps because they knew that no artist would ever see the articles. I have an issue of one of these mags where they have an actual quote from Paul´s mother Mary. In 1966 or something like that. ´Nuff said.

  6. stephenmcg says:

    Though published in Bravo (as many pictures NOT taken in Germany also were),I think I hve a larger scan,Im led to believe its French hotel grounds 1965-theres several individual shots inside plus the waterfall shot(which has been in this blog before now).

  7. ashwom says:

    correct as above. lts from the june 65 france italy and spain tour.

  8. Astrid says:

    Of course i don’t think they sat down and wrote that crappy caption. Just thought you suggested that the text does not make sense and is made up.
    My apologies, you seem to be from my country as you know POP Rocky as well.
    An actual quote from Paul’s mother in ’66? That sounds very much like BRAVO…and even more like BILD!


  9. jes says:

    No need to apologise, Astrid – alles im grünen Bereich! 😉

  10. Guus says:

    The text just says “As a rememberance of the Blitz Tour” it doesn’t suggest the picture was taken during that tour.

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