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6 Responses to “MRRRRRRAT!!!!:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Martial Artist? Possibly!

  2. BLJ says:

    Is he falling? XD

  3. Markzapp says:

    Sadly, Paul is the only one in this photo that is still with us.

  4. Steve Phillips says:


    I’m desperate for Wings photographs to download -especially London Town album period 1978. Can you include some Wings pics please?


    Steve Phillips

    PS I have e-mailed over 200 pics to you via Silverlight hotmail so have they arrived down under?

  5. Tammy says:

    Yes Steve, got this lot of pics, i’ve been massively ill this past three days, haven’t downloaded them yet, a few familiar ones, but a coup,e of gems in there .. i’m trying as much as i can to not look at the computer screen as i just can’t for any more than a minute or so at a time, some weird virus in me at the moe

  6. Alpha Bitch says:

    Tammy, feel better soon! This virus is around and hard to shake.

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