85 Responses to “MRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!”

  1. mcarp555 says:

    “Don’t tell me he learned THAT from Little Richard in Hamburg!”

  2. mcarp555 says:

    Two months now… Hope there’s no problem in Tammyland.

  3. Pete F. says:

    Yes, I hope everything is ok…

  4. Sage Brush says:

    Miss Tammy……are you okay? Miss you.

  5. Alex of Bronx says:

    Yes Tammy,
    It has been a while, I hope everything is good with you and yours down under………….

  6. JD says:

    I hope this blog hasn’t stopped.. I can only assume it has though. A real shame, as it was one of, if not the best Beatle photo site on the internet. If you read this, ‘Tammy’, thanks for all you’ve done here and I hope you are OK & wish you well.

  7. Since 1963 says:

    I also hope all is well and that this is just a little recess. A Sgt. Pepper moment as such. 😉

  8. Kathy says:

    While I hope the blog goes on, I’m more concerned about Ms Tammy. Please just let us know that your are ok.

  9. mcarp555 says:

    Three months now… time to start worrying? I sent an email to Tammy last week and received no reply. His Twitter account shows the last entry was March 27th. Has anybody heard anything more recent? Doesn’t he have a friend (“Susan”?) with a blog?

  10. ND says:

    Maybe Greg just needs a long vacation.

  11. Lizzie says:

    Hi everyone, he just updated his photo on Facebook 12 minutes ago (May 29th, 7:27pm Brazilian time). And a few days ago he wrote in a post that he would get in touch with me, so I believe he is ok. I left him a message saying we are worried.

  12. Lizzie says:

    Today is not May 29th, that is my birthday… It’s May 19th!!! Sorry about that typo.

  13. mcarp555 says:

    Thanks, Lizzie! Glad to know he’s okay. And your birthday is the day before mine! Yay!

  14. Lizzie says:

    Well, Happy Birthday in advance, dear mcarp555! I’ll be 66.

  15. mcarp555 says:

    And happy birthday in advance to you as well, dear Lizzie. I’ll be 57, so right behind you, kiddo.

  16. Lizzie says:

    57? a baby…

  17. George A says:

    Hope all is well.

    Always look forward to Greg / Tammy’s work, effort and humor.

    George in NY

  18. Sage Brush says:

    Miss Tammy……sending good thoughts your way. Hope all is well with you. You are missed.

  19. Lizzie says:

    Definitely very missed, Miss Tammy! Love, love, love.

  20. mcarp555 says:

    Four months now, and I’m fearing the worst. We all miss our friend.

  21. debjorgo says:

    Well, he did leave on a “mrraaaaaaaaaaaaaat” post. Way to go Greg!

    What’s the longer he’s made us wait in the past? This has got to be the record.

    It’s going to take a lot longer before I give up on checking it each day.

  22. MarkC says:

    The love you are blessed with, this world’s waiting for…

  23. Tammy says:

    This is the voice of the Mysterons, we know that you can hear us. We have abducted Miss Tammy, and after being probed she has refused to leave us.

    Actually, that’s obviously not true, even I would need a break after six months of alien ‘Invasive investigation’.

    Sorry for being thin on the ground. I appreciate your well wishes, alas, Miss Tammy has been unwell for most all of this year, I’m doing all I can to get back up and running, and back to Beatling again, I hope that is much sooner than later. I always feel sad when a favourite blog I like just kind of stops, it’s not that I’ve tired of this one, or The Fabs, it’s simply a matter of my health, and where I can best expend my energy at the moment. So, for now we’re just having a little breather. I hope everyone is okay?

    Tammy: Duchess of Oven. x

  24. Jeff says:

    Great to hear your voice and know you are ok, Tammy. Hope you get the break you need and look forward to when you resume Beatling. Hope Paul coming back to Australia also brightens the horizon.

  25. Michael says:

    All the best to you, Tammy!

  26. Sage Brush says:

    Miss Tammy…….please take care of yourself. Sending Light and Love your way.

  27. Since 1963 says:

    Take care, Tammy. When you’re ready to come back we’ll be right here. :)

  28. Alex of Bronx says:

    Yeah Tammy take care of yourself and get yourself well.
    Like 1963 said we will be here.
    Love from Da Bronx
    We All Shine On !!!!

  29. debjorgo says:

    Big time relief!

    To quote a John song “You don’t know what ya got until you lose it”.

  30. don percy says:

    Nice to hear from you Miss T. best wishes.

  31. Lizzie says:

    You take your time, my dear friend: we ain’t going nowhere… I also check the blog. Hi to all my dear friends here!

  32. debjorgo says:

    I keep waiting for someone to correct my post above : “You don’t know what ya got until you lose it” I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

    Of course we know what we got. That’s why we’re missing it so bad!

    We’ll be here until you come back.

  33. Vin says:

    Glad you’re still around, Tammy. Get well soon.

  34. Lizzie says:

    I still come here, as I’m sure many others do. I hope you’re doing well, my dear friend, and that you will come back when you’re ready. We’ll be here, do not worry!

  35. Nick D. says:

    Hi Lizzie,
    I check every day too. I miss the photos and the conversations. I hope Greg is okay? Love to everyone!

  36. mcarp555 says:

    Ditto; me too! As regular as lunch!

  37. MarkC says:

    Just let me hear some more o’ that Rocko Roll Music!

  38. Lizzie says:

    Hi everyone! I miss you all – Miss Tammy included, of course! Hope you’re all doing well. Brazilian hugs coming your way.

  39. Since 1963 says:

    Love! <3

  40. MarkC says:

    Tam O’Shanter,
    We miss your banter.

  41. mcarp555 says:

    Thinking of Johnny on his birthday – always missed.

    TP – now also sadly missed.

    Miss Tammy – missing in action; all your friends here miss you as well.

    All the gang – I miss your comments and witty banter.

    “And so, dear friends; you’ll just have to carry on”

  42. Lizzie says:

    Hello dear friends!
    Haven’t heard from Miss Tammy for a long time. I hope you’re doing well, my dear friend!
    Just came back from seeing Macca on Tuesday in Belo Horizonte – fantastic show, the best I’ve seen from him in a long time.
    I miss you all! Hope everyone is doing well. My Portuguese language book is sold out. Independent production, not sold in stores.
    All my loving, I will send to you!

  43. Since 1963 says:

    I, too, miss you Miss Tammy. A little worried.

    Congratulations on selling out your book, Lizzie!!! Quite an accomplishment. I’m not surprised. It’s fantastic.
    Glad you got to see Paul perform again. I saw him at the start of the tour in Fresno. Now I can’t wait for his new album.

  44. Alex of Bronx says:

    Saw him at The Barkley Center in NYC . He is still Paul. Somethings don’t change.
    Yes I hope you are doing ok Tammy.
    Best from The Bronx..

  45. Lizzie says:

    Hi everybody!
    Haven’t been here recently, hope you’re all well. I miss you, I Miss Tammy and the photos…
    Love, love, love.

  46. mcarp555 says:

    It’s been nearly five months since the last “update” from our Duchess; I wouldn’t mind another one just to know our Tammy is still… well, you know.

  47. MarkC says:

    Like living life within a fog,
    Without the Beatle Photo Blog.

  48. Kathy says:

    I just hope Miss Tammy is ok

  49. Sage Brush says:

    Miss Tammy…… are missed and loved.

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