12 Responses to “MR RUDIE NUDIE:”

  1. Carlie says:

    It can’t be real, he’s too skinny! :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    this isn’t erotic at all…baaargh

  3. Amanda says:

    he does look really skinny. i’ve read from various sources that he was anorexic, but i don’t know how true that is. he looks like he is though.
    this is right before he died, isn’t it?

  4. Eddie says:

    He was painfully thin at the end. I had a family friend (who has since passed) that was in the music industry and knew John since the Beatles days and he saw him in the fall of 1980 and said he was shocked at how thin he was. He remarked about how he used to be such a “beautiful, cherubic guy” and that he just didn’t look healthy when he last saw him.

  5. michelle-walrus says:

    Disgusting!He didnt look healthy :(

  6. Healthy Stealthy says:

    There was a rumor that he was taking heroin during his last days. i don’t know if this is true. But by the looks of John I would not doubt it. He was sickly looking. Of course, he was a microbotic eater. Maybe that’s why he was so thin.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He wouldn’t of lasted too much longer anyway. That is one sick man for 40 years old.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nothing rude about being nude.. you were born that way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    my vote is that it was due to their overly strenuous macrobiotic diet, together with an ongoing cocaine habit…at any rate, something was amiss on the overall health front…

  10. Marnie Drew says:

    What the heck was she feeding him? Straw?? He looks like he just got out of a concentration camp!! While he was a Beatle and during the “lost weekend” john was plump and rosy, but whenever he was with Yoyo he looked… emaciated!!

  11. Mark says:

    He always refeered to his “fat Elvis” period as being a very miserable time for him even though the Beatles were on top of the world at the time. I’ve read, and I hate going to this but, the Dr that treated him in the ER the night he died said he was so skinny and lacked almost any muscle tone that thoses bullets went through him like paper. He was 5’11 and only weighed 128 lbs. 40 more lbs on him, well ?

  12. Bluesdude says:

    He stayed thin on purpose. If you read his Playboy interview, that he gave right before he died, he said 130-135 lbs was the most he’d let himself weigh. And no, he wasn’ton heroin at the end…..but Yoko was!!

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