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7 Responses to “MORE THREATLES:”

  1. AuroraSkye says:

    Thanks for posting these! I LOVE the Beatles and I LOVE the Threatles. (I love the twotles too — I just wish they were all still here)

  2. Brian says:

    Wide screen Threatles——NICE

    One last look at that indefinable collective charisma those men had between them.

    The top one is like looking through John’s eyes

  3. p.s. says:

    nice! love these images. Id never noticed this before. In the 3rd image, where of course the Threetles were interviewed at Abbey Rd, (3rd image), and Ringo related about recording his Yellow Submarine vocal in room behind them, Ringo’s drum kit seen in the background, along with two mikes on stands. Was this just to have as background for the interview, or did the fab three jam at Abbey Rd studio in 1994 ? Any info about this? Tammy, enlighten us please!

  4. beatle55 says:

    i had read that there was still tension with george and paul when they jammed at georges house. they disappeared for awhile to clear the air. you can see it when paul is talking about india and george is playing his uke and not paying attention to what he’s saying. there was a couple of moments when they were sitting at the table reminicing too. love, a friend.

  5. Brian says:

    George seems reluctant to be doing it when it’s the three of them playing indoors. Paul is keen as ever tho’, suggests Blue Moon Of Kentucky, George is well, maybe a short one… Maybe it’s the cameras, and being put on the spot to perform. Who knows

    Or maybe those 7-odd minutes of Beatles playing together live once again were the best bits, maybe the rest was even wobblier. Maybe that’s why George isn’t into it, I don’t think its’ for sentimental reasons

    LOVE to see the whole tape one day

  6. jan says:

    Paul looks gorgeous & really young on the last one. The boys luv those ukes.

  7. Joseph Moran says:

    Yes, the most recent photographs
    taken from the loverpool’s geniuses

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