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  1. Anonymous says:

    A memorable day. I was at the Cottesloe Civic Centre representing ABC W.A.’s Young People’s Programmes; 19 at the time. Norman so impressed Paul and Linda, they invited the ABC bunch for lunch. So there we were, Norman, Molly Meldrum and me. I invited a school friend, Tricia Duffield who was a journalist with Channle 9 in Perth. Naturally, it was thrill to spend time with my hero, and Linda was very gracious. she pandered this teenage media wannabe. Molly was always a nice chap, and didn’t hog the conversation – or the food. Garry McDonald hardly said a word. I have some pictures which I’ll send sometime, if you’re interested. As if you wouldn’t be!


    Wayne Johnson

    Yokohama, Japan

  2. Tammy says:


    Yes please!! please send along the pics as soon as you can, that woulf be awesome to see, i love anything to do with the Aussie tour.

    Recently a heap of unseen footage from this day and the rest of the tour has fallen into my hands, amazing stuff, i have to get it transfered to disc and take some screen captures.

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