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7 Responses to “MODERN JAZZ QUARTET:”

  1. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Interesting shot, Tam. Apple studio, right Henry?

  2. Hitachi says:

    This is a bizarre shot. Do we have any other evidence that George played on either of the Modern Jazz Quartet albums or if they played on any George/Beatles tracks? This is truly a head scratcher.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    It’s hard to believe scheduling errors may have transpired…
    But, if things were actually ‘walking’ out of 3 Saville Row, maybe the appointment book was among them…
    Was George working with Jackie Lomax or Doris Troy at Apple?
    Even stranger is the following from wiki: “The MJQ came to Apple through the first head of the label, Ron Kass. Kass was a jazz fan, and Under the Jasmine Tree was recorded in America prior to signing with Apple. The second Apple album Space was recorded at London’s Trident Studios under the supervision of Apple A&R man, Peter Asher (of Peter and Gordon).” What the???
    So what was MJQ doing at Apple in this picture?
    Oh, henry!

  4. Calico says:

    ..”George Harrison, jazz guitarist? As surprising as it may seem, in 1969 the “quiet Beatle” recorded several hours worth of mostly improvised jazz instrumentals.

    George Harrison recorded with bassist Percy Heath and drummer Connie Kay of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Percy Heath disclosed the existence of the recordings during an interview in the wake of Harrison’s death, and the news has surprised the Beatles experts.

    “Connie and I went into the studio with George. he wanted to make a jazz record” said Heath.

    The session was in London, when the MJQ was there to record “Space,” the second and last album the MJQ would record for Apple. “We spent a day at the studio. Harrison wanted to play some jazz, and he was improvising pretty well. A musician is a musician, and you’d be surprised about who could play jazz and blues. We enjoyed the date with him.”

    The article then goes on to quote surprised Beatles historians. One guy says “George never talked about jazz, but a lot of stuff was going on at Apple in 1969 that we’re just now learning about.”
    The Beatles roots were in blues and R&B. I remember once Harrison said to me “What do you MEAN you don’t know about Big Bill Broonzy?!”
    The tapes are currently lost–no one has a clue where, maybe at George’s home, maybe in the Apple vaults. ….and………re PERCY HEATH – During a brief period in the early seventies, the MJQ were even signed The Beatles-owned Apple Records, and Percy and Connie recorded several songs with guitarist George Harrison, although these sides were never issued…

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you!
    Then, this must be the day they recorded George’s Jazz…
    It’s time for Mark Lewisohn to write a ‘solo’ recording sessions volume…
    (at least through the Saville Row era)
    Did Apple Studios have a tape vault?
    I wonder if EMI confiscated anything fitting the above description…

  6. derek says:

    Who’d have thunk it? Very interesting.
    I always got the impression John was a bit anti-jazz…

  7. henry_the_horse says:

    Yes, Apple Studios, April 1969. Harrison on his Casino through his 147RV cabinet.

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