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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Getting closer (together)
    the razzle dazzle will confuse them:
    John as Paul
    Paul as George
    George as John
    Ringo as curtain(?)
    …now, no one will know we’re miming

  2. Keith Bratley says:

    I’ll never forgive the BBC for wiping all the Top of the Pops tapes of the Beatles.
    Granada TV are just as guilty for wiping their earliest televised performances on People and Places.

  3. Don Percy says:

    Yes Keith, the BBC (and the ABC in Australia) is shamefully guilty of a complete lack of concern for popular culture and heritage. Of course, they’re doing everything they can now to hunt these lots elements down (most of which don’t exist, so are ‘un-findable’) – only because there’s a buck in it now with DVD releases etc. Granada probably have retained more than the BBC where the Beatles are concerned – mostly because a lot of what has exists was shot on (un-erasable) film. We can’t necessarily blame Granada for the first Beatle performance being lost – it may have only ever gone out live – and was never committed to tape or film. Pity Brian Epstein didn’t have the insight to ensure copies were kept of everything. I believe Ringo did have many kinescopes of TV perfomances etc – but it was all lost in ‘the fire’, sadly prior to it being utilised for Anthology… :(

  4. Keith Bratley says:

    Don, Granada can’t be blamed too much, but The Beatles first appearance on TOTP was for Can’t Buy Me Love I believe, by which time they were a worldwide phenomenon.
    I was born in 1960, so don’t remember the early stuff, but, coming from Merseyside, I remember my Mum telling me proudly about those early performances on People & Places, although she thought they looked quite “scruffy”.
    At least Granada still have Some Other Guy at the Cavern and the mimed performances of Twist & Shout, I Want to Hold Your Hand and This Boy.

  5. Nika says:

    I’d rather have the Some Other Guy footage than any other early bit of Beatles film so i’m glad it was saved. Imagine if TAHT was lost!

  6. Don Percy says:

    Agree Keith and Nika. I think we’re very lucky for what does survive. As I’ve said before, the greatest losses for me are the TV appearances of songs that were televised (mimed or otherwise) that we have no visual record of in any form. i.e. Misery, Ask me Why, Eight Days a Week, Yes It Is…etc

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