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5 Responses to “MILK AND HONEY:”

  1. Just another couple strolling to the park. “Que pasa New York”!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. <3

  3. lordcat says:

    Thank you for such great pictures…moments in time..

  4. mark says:

    John is standing in the exact spot that his murderer would be in on Dec 8, 1980. I always thought there was something weird about the Dakota. There’s a picture of John, Paul and Ringo taken in Central park the day after they arrived. The three of them are lined up and looking up towards the sky and to the right. Paul is pointing to some unseen object that they are all looking at and right above Paul’s arm is the Dakota. Who could have possibly imagined ! John had absolutely no reason to live in the States. If it wasn’t for Yoko’s twisting and fucking mind games John never would have left England. They were living out in Tittenhurst. Away from the fans and all the crazyness. Yoko more or less grew up in NY (can you believe her and Linda McCartney went to the same High school ?, Scarsdale, albeit 8 yrs apart How’s that for fucking weird ?)

  5. shine says:

    i agree with mark.

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