MIAMI 1964:

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13 Responses to “MIAMI 1964:”

  1. Mariana says:

    AAAAWWWWWN, look at Paul! *_*

  2. JAMES says:

    Quite boyish was John when he was just himself, they really were the boys next door I think, even george used to say they werent movie idols to look at, but they all had something!

  3. alex of bronx says:

    More of the best spring break of all time.

  4. hey you says:

    John’s gotta be hot in that get up!

  5. A different Jennifer says:

    Is this the photo shoot where they’re all wearing like shirts and shorts and John has on an entire all-black sweater/pant combo? lol!

  6. Cara says:

    @JAMES ~ George was right on… charisma.

  7. oxowhitney says:

    @ hey you…I recall reading that they had to take some care not to get too sun exposed as they were going to start shooting Hard Day’s Night within about 10 days.

  8. hey you says:

    @oxowhitney, thanks! seems like john’s the only one who got that memo. lol.

  9. A different Jennifer says:

    Yeah, John was the only one wearing like an entirely all-black sweater and pant outfit and the rest of them are wearing beach wear. lol!

  10. and what’s that helmet on John’s head? Beatles yacht regulations?

  11. Louise says:

    It becomes obvious how gorgeous the Beatles were when you compare them to photos from back then of the members of other bands, like The Who or the the Stones. To put it delicately, there were a lot of not very attractive men in those bands. :)

  12. A different Jennifer says:

    @downtown: I think it was his famous hat. Unless you were joking and knew that. 😉

  13. Paul says:

    John’s wearing sweatshirt from a local radio station from Washington, DC concert! Ringo’s t-shirt is from Murry the K’s show in New York…

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