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5 Responses to “MERLIN:”

  1. Isabela says:

    WTF? Is this Ringo?? Are you sure? I still believe you’ll find George playing Jesus.

  2. Beatle Ed says:

    From “Son of Dracula” (1974 version) I think. Harry is Drac and Ringo is Merlin. An odd film indeed lol.

  3. mcarp555 says:

    I remember seeing this in the theatre when it came out in ’74. Why isn’t it on DVD yet? There are bits and pieces of it on YouTube.

    BTW, Harry was the son of Dracula.

  4. jan says:

    Wonder if Pattie Boyd took these? I read somewhere that Ringo hired her to take promo shots for “Son of Dracula” because she was so upset about her crumbling marriage that he thought it would be a good distraction for her. Apparently Ringo and Pattie are close to this day, which I think is so sweet. When I (briefly) met her, she said she stores her old “gowns” at Ringo’s house! So funny!

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