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3 Responses to “MEMPHIS 1966:”

  1. JAMES says:

    ..he’d av been fantastic if he got back to touring in 1981, I can see it in my minds eye, he be connected to it all!

  2. alex of bronx says:

    James, I agree with you, I really do believe John was gonna hit the road in 1981 and I think he was gonna get the taste of the whole scene and be better then ever and I choose to believe that maybe it would have been him and Paul at Yankee Stadium last week. I can choose to see things the way I like at this point.

  3. stephanie says:

    well, its no secret that in 1980, John was making plans for him and Yoko to tour, in 1981, on the back of the success of Double Fantasy. Only on the condition that he and Yoko had equal billing. John mentioned it in interviews in late 1980.

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