Finding this pic blows my mind. I first became a fan of the Fabs in 1973, which would made me seven years old. I have a vivid memory of a couple of years after that, some friends and i were playing, and we found this magazine. As we flicked through it, this ad was in the back. I was amazed, i’d never seen the Beatles look like this before. We all must remember, we’ve been spoiled by the internet, where we are saturated by an avalanche of images, and sounds, with the click of a mouse. But back then, photos were like currency, so i tore it out, and the pic is still glued in an old scrapbook i have. I can pretty much picture in my mind every single photo i had the first five years of my fandom.

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  1. Derek says:

    ‘Titles Such As Paper Back Rider’

    Yep, it’s a different world now

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Very curious…
    I never saw this ad before.
    30 Live tunes for $9.98???
    If anyone actually has a copy of said product…
    could you please share it?
    The August 1971 issue of CIRCUS magazine had two similar adverts for 8mm films of various Beatle songs…
    this looks similar but the item is way different.
    So much for Editors checking copy.
    Thank you Tammy…another generous helping of fab medicine
    (for the afflicted)

  3. alf says:

    I always preferred the B-side “Reign” .

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    “When the rein comes
    the horses hide their heads”
    (good one, alf)

  5. mcarp555 says:

    I started by getting the Red Album for my 13th birthday in 1973. Then I saved up and got the Blue one. Still buying ’em today.

  6. MarkZapp says:

    I actually ordered this Beatles kit in the 70’s. It was utter, poor quality junk. The poster was the four portraits from The White Album in the poorest reproduction quality possible.

  7. maria.m says:

    “I can pretty much picture in my mind every single photo i had the first five years of my fandom.” same for me dear Miss Tammy

  8. Things seemed so much simpler back then.

  9. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    There certainly was not as much “product”!

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