These photo’s are so cool (Sorry Sara, i couldn’t hold off grabbing them from your site) these bring back the best Paul memories of my life, when i traveled two countries, and saw every concert in Australia and New Zealand. So many great memories of amazing times with my friends, and in the end, with Paul and Linda.

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  1. Sara says:

    Wow Tammy you waste no time. I just put those photos up last night and here they are over here. I don’t mind one bit…just jealous that I didn’t see Paul in 1993 as well.

  2. princess stephanie says:

    Tammy: Id love to see you post here some of the amazing stories I know you have re the Paul & Linda 1993 Aussie tour…

    One day I might relate my own little anecdote of meeting Paul on that tour when I asked him about an obscure Wings track…and his surprising reaction….

  3. princess stephanie says:

    I shouldn’t be such a tease. Here’s my Paul story from 1993.

    I feel very lucky that I got to meet him. Paul & Linda were in Australia for about a month in March 1993 for an extensive national tour.

    On Sat 20th March, Paul did an “instore” signing, at Brashes music store (since closed) Pitt St, Sydney. I joined the qeue about 7am, for a 3pm meeting with Paul. Many camped out the night before. I was real lucky, 2nd last allowed in. whew. only about 30 made it in. I made friends with a guy in front of me who was wearing a Liverpool football shirt, sure to impress Paul. Can’t remember his name, but he told me he was Mark Lewison’s nephew !! He told me a few stories of seeing Paul in London, being in the audience for Unplugged, and a few other gigs. When it was my turn, finally to meet Paul, I was nervous as hell. But Paul was so friendly, and disarming, he said Hi, & shook my hand. I was in awe. I had my prepared question. I knew that Paul didnt do “requests” in his shows. As a big Wings fan, i just wanted to somehow tell Paul that some of his lesser known Wings songs are absolute gems, and would be brilliant if we might hear one or two performed “one day”. I actually said to him ” Paul, I just love “The Mess” , the B side of “My Love” , brilliant song. Is there a chance you might play it one day? ( I actually do love that song). Paul seemed a little taken aback. At first I thought, you idiot Stephen (umm yeh thats my name), blown your (only ) moment with Paul. I was worried Paul thought I was either joking, or asking him to play it in that evening’s show (neither of which was my intention).

    Then Paul said…. “well we dont do requests you know… I have to play the songs the fans know best… but…. maybe one day I might do an alternative concert … ”

    I smiled, thanked him, said “that would be amazing, thank you so much”, shook his hand again….got my Off The Ground CD signed, and I was out of there. I was on a high for weeks afterwards…. That night’s show (my third) was amazing. And no, Paul hasnt played “The Mess”, to my knowledge, like, never. Not even in soundcheck. Maybe one day….

    Paul, if you ever do “an alternative concert” one day, Id like to think I may have sowed the idea with you way back in ’93 !!

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    excellent request!
    The Mess is a great unknown!
    Please Pass The Cold Cuts!
    (LIVE or studio?)

  5. princess stephanie says:

    @ Kwai: love both versions! The song really rocks. I know that for a while Paul reportedly thought his “early” (pre band On The Run) Wings stuff was second rate, but hopefully enough fans now have told him how they love his Wings stuff that he is proud of his catalogue. I guess that is evidenced by the remasters program.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Not Only…But Also:(Stephanie)
    Flowers In The Dirt and Off The Ground are two awesome albums…
    I am happy to hear that you got “Off” signed by The Messer…
    (seemed to know just where you’d been…
    oh sweet darlin’ what a mess I’m in)

  7. Since 1963 says:

    Ah, yeah. The Mess is a jewel. Mine is on the flip side of Another Day. Brown picture cover. Wouldn’t it be great to have Sir Paul do a concert of only your own favorites. I’d die. Except the show would be 10 hours. LOL.

  8. yesiamize says:

    Thank you for the story!

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