Meet and greet.


This is weird. Photos of the Fabs looking relaxed, and welcoming, to people back stage in 1966 is rare to see.

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  1. MarkZapp says:

    This might not be backstage. They could be at a business meeting or any other non performing meeting.

  2. I think it is either Aug 23, 1966 Shea Stadium, or August 15, 1966 at DC Stadium…..

  3. Sara says:

    It is not Washington D.C. John wore a dark shirt backstage during that stop. I am 95% sure it is backstage at Shea in 1966.

  4. alcaloid says:

    So, there’s a not relaxing, they’ve just finish an Interview on Memphis on 19th august 66′.
    Look at Ringo’s jacket :)

    it’s not form Shea Staium, too !!! Sorry…

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