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15 Responses to “MCFAMILY:”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh, Mary looks always lovely!

  2. d- says:

    What a beautiful family photo.

  3. viper says:

    Mary is a hottie… I didn’t know Angela Lansbury knew Linda Mac’s daughters.

  4. Vison says:

    Craig Ferguson fan viper? :) Lovely photo!

  5. Lou says:

    Boy am I sick of the Angela Lansbury line.

  6. tenafly says:

    Aaah… The Lansbury clan!

  7. Laura says:

    Aww love this one :)

  8. hey_you says:

    just needs the other kids in it.

  9. CindyB says:

    Great picture. And I am also sick of hearing about the A. Lansbury jokes!!! I think they all look great.

  10. Susan says:

    Agree with that about the other two kids – they can be private the other 364 days a year and I’ll respect their privacy, but once in a blue moon, I’d like to see them with their dad alongside their sisters.

  11. Susan says:

    oops – guess that should be the other three kids!!! Sorry, Bea! and Happy almost Birthday!

  12. Chris says:

    These two girls exude a confidence that can only be attained from a girl having Paul McCartney as a father.

  13. CS says:

    Very sweet video of Heather & Paul back in 1999. First time I’ve heard her speak, stunning likeness to Linda.

  14. stephenmcg says:

    Mary taking picture with remote lead.

    Thanks CS, Id never head her !!

  15. Susan says:

    Where can you buy any of Heather’s designs? – I’ve searched and searched the Internet and no luck.

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