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11 Responses to “MAD DAY OUT:”

  1. Julia says:

    Oh Mad Day Out, I love thee.

  2. Chelsea says:

    George Harrison, please please please come back from the dead, become my age, and marry me. Pretty please?

  3. Chris says:

    At Paul’s Yankee Stadium concert (where I was right up front), he had some sharp clear film footage of The Mad Day Out. I am always astonished by the rare unknown film footage he puts on the screen before his shows. 20 years ago it was the footage at the Titennhurst in 1969. So, I am sure there are quite a few rare film footages that he is waiting to release at the proper time. I wish I could see them all! I know there must be more than we realize.

    By the way, I waved and gave a thumbs up to Paul’s lovely fiancĂ© Nancy at the concert. She smiled and gave a wave and thumbs up back! :) Then I waved and said “Hi Nancy” as she walked by. She giggled! She’s a lovely person. She was having a great time dancing the night away. I also met Denny Laine. He’s a nice guy.

  4. My name's Betty says:

    Chris, great story, jealous tho! I’d like to hear more about that!

  5. Chelsea says:

    @Chris: Oh, I’m sure they have lots and lots of things. George said once that he had lots of little pieces of paper they had all written on, and just random pictures and things like that. They were always running around with cameras, it seemed. I think once Paul and Ringo pass away (hopefully quite a long time from now), we’ll see all of that stuff go up in auctions, into books, and into museums (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Hard Rock Cafe, Smithsonian, etc).

  6. Leah says:

    Mad Day Outtt eeek! I love these!

  7. Julia says:

    Interesting point, Chelsea – it’s sad to think that there is almost certainly a wealth of Beatle material we won’t see until Paul and Ringo are no longer with us.

  8. MarkZapp says:

    Yes I’m sure that what footage that The Beatles have of themselves was barely touched in “Anthology”. The August 22, 1969 clip was short and in slow motion. There is probably more of that alone. What about outtakes from their videos? Does this footage exist? And we know there is HOURS of “Let It BE” outtakes. I saw some of the “Mad Day Out” footage at Paul’s concert on 2005. Was it the sdame shown recently? And there is probably more of that too. Who would shoot footage of The Beatles for only a few seconds? We are insatiable for Beatles images!

  9. MarkZapp says:

    I wonder if Paul is planning on a museum on himself in the future. Maybe that is why he is reluctant to donate items to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Can you imagine what he has? Heard a comment from Ringo recently that Paul has kept everything. I wonder what items Ringo lost in the fire at his Los Angeles house back in the late 70’s. I also wonder who wrote the book of love?

  10. Chelsea says:

    @MarkZapp: Ringo has also said that he kept everything. I don’t know about George, but Friar Park is certainly big enough to hold a lot … :) And Olivia said that basically every tape recorder around the house had some song on it. Don’t know if George wanted those released, but I’m sure they’re interesting.

  11. Chris says:

    Why don’t Beatle fans start an online petition for Paul and Ringo to release every last film footage of the Beatles! :)

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