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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking good? Gracious, are you blind? One would think with the surgery she’s had she’d look good. She never was attractive and still isn’t 40 years later. Looking better perhaps is more accurate. And those clothes on a 75 year-old woman? Anything for a reaction or a bit of press. She can’t get it with her “music.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who doesn’t “get” Yoko, doesn’t get John, and therefore, doesn’t get the Beatles.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can get the beatles without getting yoko… love her or hate her, the beatles are MUSIC in the first place… everything around, who they loved, who they hated etc. are just sideway information for fans like us with an almost desperate will to get any nearer to them.
    comments likes yours just hurt. anyone is entitled to like the beatles, to like yoko or to hate her, and nobody is right to tell somebody else if he/she`s ‘getting’ the beatles.
    and nobody should judge so easily about a woman, whom he/she doesn´t know. if she wants to wear hotpants at 70-something, alright!
    gosh… we should be all so much more tolerant.

  4. Tammy says:

    Hi, no i’m not blind, just pretty open minded and a bit of a free thinker and soul. Having spent time with Yoko not too long ago i can tell you she has had no work done to her face, her teeth yes she has had capped, but thats it and trust me wheni say i dont care how good the plastic surgery is i can spot a nip or a tuck a mile away. Who amongst us can judge attractiveness? a clip of John on the Dick Cavett show always rings in my mind when he had to talk about how hurt he was with Yoko sitting right next to him that people called her ugly, with true love looks dont matter. I think it’s tres cool that at almost 80 Yoko is dressing just how she wants, age is a state of mind and i hope my mind is free enough for me at 80 to be wearing hot pants :-) i’m the first to admit that some of the things she’s done in the Beatle world have rubbed me the wrong way, but then they’ve ALL done things that have done that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s all a matter of taste.Its all in the eye of the beholder.John loves her that’s all that matters really.To me yoko was a destructive force against the beatles in the 1960s and gave john his get out of jail card.These days she has a more constructive influence though,on lennon and beatle releases.When she was young she was much more attractive .

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who doesn’t get Yoko doesn’t get the Beatles? Then I guess the Beatles don’t get the Beatles as they all despised her. And John? What he said in public was often at odds with what he knew in private. To prove that all you have to do is read up on the man from those outside of Yoko’s influence. They ALL have a very different story to tell and most don’t have an ax to grind. Try doing a net search for Jack Douglas, Jessie Ed Davis, and Tony Bramwell to name but a few. There are countless others. Guess what you’ll find? Surprise! John was quite different from his public image and the statements he made in public were often at odds with his own example, feelings, or personal life. Yoko? You could watch her if it meant seeing John, but with him gone the only reason she’s even somewhat interesting is to see the lengths she’ll go in pursuit of “fame.” These pics are an example. No talent, no voice, no chance, but she happened to be married to John. If not, you’d have never known of her. Period.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Eye yi yi. Sorry folks. Didn’t mean to stir up so much emotion. Yoko is still a polarizing figure, 40 years later. Good points.

    Yoko was an artist in her own right before she met John, so we might have heard of her, IF we were interested in conceptual art.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How does one make the leap from “conceptual art” to pop music? Is there some kind of relationship there? Then consider the fact that she never understood nor liked pop music but felt entitled to be in the studio with The Beatles and you have the makings for the end of the group. True, they had other issues, but she was a major reason for the split and she fed off the negativity she created.
    John was reviving again in 1980 and it would have been interesting to see what he would have done had he lived – both professionally and personally. Just more food for thought, folks…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think all of the Beatles have said that Yoko was not the reason for the split, that they were growing up and apart and their interests were taking them different places. One could just as easily say Paul’s need for control and his bossy attitude caused the break-up. Things end. That is just the way life is.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps, but too many have attested to John's last years and it isn't pleasant. It differs substantially from The Ballad of John & Yoko and it removes John's status as a hero. Many fans don't want to contemplate it. The ex-Beatles have said many things regarding the split and they're limited to what they can say as they still have to deal with Ono in business. George Harrison, May Pang, and Pete Shotton all describe John as completely dependent and controlled by his wife. She controlled every facet of his life and manipulated him for her own ends. He wanted out and he never wanted to stop making music. There was so much he wanted to do but couldn't unless he was willing to make a break and that terrified him. You have to understand the forces that shaped him in order to put it all into context. May, George, and Pete (and others) all describe a man who wanted to do things but felt powerless to do them. Unfortunately, hard drugs also played a part. Things do end, but not always. It took a lot more than the competition within the group and business troubles to split friendships of that magnitude. A lot of determination on Ono's part went into it both to pursue John and then to separate him from all other sources of influence once she had him. He most certainly wasn't the master of his own universe by 1980 but he may have been willing to take steps to get there by then.

    Rest in peace, John. You are very sorely missed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    John neede yoko no doubt.While yoko was a negative force on the beatles,john may have died even earlier if he had not met yoko.When he split from yoko in the early seventies,he tried it without her.while he made alot of music he was a complete drunken mess without her,making an ass of himself with harry nielsen who was his drinking buddy.John was very talented but he was very vunurable.he may have been manipulated by yoko but she wouldnt be the first wife to do that.He already tried it on his own without her and was a drunken fool without her.He went back to yoko and finally grew up.In 1980 he seemed alot stronger to me and ready to take the world by storm again.he needed someone to tame him to a certain extent and yoko certainly controlled him,but he needed it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    he was not only a complete drunken mess without her… in LA he was, but once he was back in new york he was fine and confident… one if his best albums walls and bridges is from the time before he went back to her and he said he was amazed how quickly it was made without any problems.
    there was also the hint at a divorce around that time.
    you can´t take everything he said about it afterwards as the one and only truth (yoko and him were known for portraying a specific image of them as a couple to the public)
    and what everbody else said about it often doesn´t help either.
    we just can´t know for sure. until john comes back and tells us the truth that is.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It's convenient that most who argue on behalf of Ono either forget or don't know about the last 9 months of the so-called Lost Weekend. He spent most of it in NYC w/May Pang in what was the closest thing to domestic bliss he ever achieved. He worked, he socialized and reconnected with friends, and he settled down with May and was looking forward to a creative future. Drunken mess? Needing Ono? I think not. It's telling that when he went back to Ono(under very odd circumstances) he stopped creating, stopped socializing, and went back to hard drugs and became increasingly unhappy. The man lost himself. Where others saw a black hole of destruction, he saw security. He never was good at reading people and he sold himself short in so many respects because of it. Ono "took John back" because he was reviving without her and she was floundering on her own. Without him, she'd be nowhere and she knew it. She followed the exact same pattern with her other husbands. She used them, got them to do what she wanted, and then abandoned them when something better came along. Unfortunately, John passed before the saga came to any conclusion. Those are the only unknowns here. The real ballad of John & Yoko is one of codependency. He needed her to be mommy (he called her "mother") and she needed a wallet and the recognition that came from being his wife. At the exact time John was establishing ties with Paul and some of his other English mates, she reconciled with him and removed the threat of him being influenced by anyone or anything else. To think what might have been if not for her.

    Perhaps the strangest part of all is that you have to defend these facts to those that give her credit where it isn't due and whom consider themselves Lennon fans.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You’re saying john went back to yoko because he was stupid?They had a child together,he needed space from his so called friends and when the music contract was done in1976 he retreated to a more mature life,instead of the madness.He needed to grow up .He might have bitched about yoko but it will go down in history that he loves her.Its a love story folks and what could have happened in the future is pure speculation.Remember they said linda and paul would split,they never did only linda s passing endend it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can you read? He wasn’t stupid, he was afraid and deeply insecure. Ono knew it and took advantage of it. He had already left the madness behind in L.A. months before and was living a very quiet, orderly, “mature” life in NYC. He never wanted to quit making music and was full of plans before reconciling with Ono. Love had nothing to do with it. She needed him as no one has ever cared about her or for her. He was her ticket to recognition (and still is). He needed her to take care of him. That’s not love but it can be tailored to appear as such. Can you see the difference? Assuming you can, they’re poor reasons to reconcile. For both of them. It does make sense when you understand them and time reveals more facts. John sold himself out because of fear. If you know anything about him, you probably would understand why. He was like a child in many respects and always needed someone to make the hard decisions for him whether it be Mimi Smith, The Beatles, Brian Epstein, or Ono. It’s unfortunate but accurate. To imply he matured by going back to Ono is in stark contrast to the facts. He avoided an honest shot at true personal growth and maturity by going back. It isn’t what he wanted, it’s what he felt most secure with. As I said, the only real unknowns here 30 years later are what he would have done had he lived. We agree on that, but I disagree on what fans and musicologists will conclude when all is said and done. Time has already caught Ono in a number of lies and will continue to do so. She isn’t the keeper of the Lennon legacy, just her own version of it and the truth will continue to emerge with time.
    As a final comment on this subject (and perhaps taxing Tammy’s patience to the limit) John Lennon wasn’t a hero. He was very human and in spite of accomplishing so much, he was very incomplete. Even at 40 years old.
    Thanks for the opportunity to write, Tammy. I look forward to seeing all the pictures on here and am bummed when you don’t come up with something new every week.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hope you get over your hatred for yoko,dislike her if you want but you need to get over it.john cleaned his act up in new york so yoko would take him back,as he said himself one of the reasons they split is because he mistreated her as he did to cynthia years before,he had to grow up.yoko is a controlling person,she is no saint,she certainly shouldnt have got john on to injecting drugs,so i can see why u dont like her but i,m sure there was some love there in the relationship.Dislike her but youre hatred is unhealthy.Shes not worth it.I enjoyed reading what u had to say though as u seem to have alot of passion on this delicate subject.youre right john needed mimi ,brian epstein,paul,yoko to help him ,no doubt.i think heather mills was worse for paul though,i think yoko was more caring about her husband than heather mills,she makes yoko look good.

  17. Anonymous says:

    how can you be so sure about that? the time around the yoko-taking-john-back-thing is extremely clouded aswell as the fact that yoko was pregnant so quickly after they got back together again. she and john later said they wanted to have i child for a long time (after several miscarriages) and went to a lot of doctors who told them to live healty and bla before yoko got pregnant with sean. nice story, i just don´t get when this should have happenend, he left may around feb. so here you have may writing her story, a random group of guys who partied with him in L.A. and finally john and yoko who tell you their version, may it be made up or not. it is a damned fact that they weren´t as open as they made themselves look like. they portayed an image. “all i can tell you is it´s all showbiz”
    i don´t know how you can make a clear statement out of this mess of information we got, unless you are in close contact to heaven and john told you first hand. ha.
    so i really can´t see this whole fight going on in here, cause how can anyone of you put out such a fixed position… i´ve been through this topic debating with myself so many times and i still say i just don´t know. i adore john lennon. i can´t say anything about his wife. and i liked him before i knew he had her so what the hell. if somebody is a johnandyoko-fan i understand but as a beatlefan… i´d be careful not to say something to vehemently and two years after some member of the clan confesses the opposite.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yeah john was a very good man with flaws,i wish he was alive today.Dont concern yourself too much about his relationship,you’ve got your opinion ,fair enough.He seemed strong and vunurable at the same time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bwaaaahaaaaaaaaaa!! You guys are kidding right? So unless JL comes down to visit the earth again, we’ll never know what happened? ridiculous. Would you believe what any public person told you about there life? The Kennedys come to mind. I think the guy who doesnt loke yoko is right. Johns gone 29 yrs. and we have a better picture of what happned. why is it that no one from back then agrees with yoko except the one or two who are still in her pocket? shes not avery nice person and I for one think its wierd to see her mug in a Beatles blog. She did more than any 1 person to split up the group. LOL!

  20. Tammy says:

    Hi Anon, I’m getting tired of this whining about Yoko, you know there are heaps of forums where you can discuss in depth the merits for and against her, this isnt the place for it .. this is a fun and loving blog and i try to keep it that way, thats how it is and if you dont like seeing her on here then just dont come here, 10/4 over and out.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I liked reading the comments. I didn’t see whining, hate, arguing, or anything else. Might not be totally positive but its just an honest exchange of ideas.

  22. Marie says:

    Yoko looks great … she´s 76!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yoko is alot more attractive than some of the ugly comments made,she is 76 and still going strong.John would be happy.

  24. Kelly says:

    I think to say anyone who doesn’t “get” Yoko can’t “get” the Beatles is ridiculous. After all, at least half of the Beatles couldn’t stand Yoko. And after all, as soon as John got into Yoko, he went off the Beatles. Those points alone prove that Yoko and the Beatles don’t compliment each other at all, and a certainly not part of the same thing.
    In fact, many would say they don’t “get” Yoko, BECAUSE they get the Beatles so much.

    Musically, personality-wise, dynamics-wise, there is NOTHING that Yoko and the Beatles have in common. The only thing they have in common is that they won the heart of John Lennon. Yet, you could argue he was an entirely different person with the Beatles to without them, so even that theory doesn’t work.

  25. Kirsten says:

    She looks great! you haters really are pathetic! Go Yoko!

  26. Nancy says:

    She IS looking good. Most of you haters hate just for something to do, or to fit in. Im betting you have never met Yoko like I have. She’s a sweet person, and looks tremendous for her age. Now get a life and stop hating strangers.

  27. BekahBeatleJohn says:

    I don’t actually “know” yoko but honestly I don’t think she’s the most attractive person but I think that georges wife was really pretty but stop “fussing and fighting my friends life is very short and there’s no time…..so I will ask you once again”… So listen to the beatles and calm down ppl they where trying to tell all of you fighting to STOP and “love” :)

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