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  1. mcarp555 says:

    “Can I wear the cape next, Paulie?”

  2. Jeff says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boys.

  3. Lizzie says:

    In my book it says (I will do a rough translation from the Portuguese): “Went to Cav, saw Paul leaving: navy blue cape (it got stuck on the car door), checked socks in black, white and red, red and white scarf. I took one photo. Smoking, smiling. Came back with Ringo and John, who was wearing pink corduroy trousers, long flowered kaftan, red coat, scarf and Camp Here badge. He smiled – beautiful! – and said “Open in the name of the law” and “They all love you, Paul”. He left later on, made a funny face and left. He didn’t go to EMI, I think he went home. I waited until 10pm and Paul didn’t go out. His cousin was there. Came back home and heard some of the songs from the LP on Radio London. Love him”

  4. MarkZapp says:

    Remembering John today and always. Thank you for your music, words and humor.

  5. mcarp555 says:

    Happy Holidays (whatever you celebrate) to Tammy and all the gang here on the blog. New photos from our Princess and comments from you guys are always a highlight whenever they occur. The world may get even crazier over the next few years; we need the Beatles more than ever. Peace and Love.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Happy Holidays from me too! I come here every single morning, dreaming of finding new photos… VERY hot here in Rio. Wondering what to wear to go to my friend’s Xmas lunch (we celebrate Xmas Eve with family). One good thing is that since I am now 65, I no longer pay to ride the city’s buses or subways – yay! And I do agree with mcarp555, world is VERY crazy and we need our boys more than ever. Love, love, love.

  7. Since 1963 says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Not very hot here in the Northern Hemisphere, but warm feelings with family and with the kids home from college. Hoping the new year will bring health and happiness, Paul’s new album, and Lizzie’s book in English. :)

  8. Lizzie says:

    I hope that can happen too, Since! I am having an e-book of the Portuguese version made. Next step is an English version e-book. And that’s it. There is no way I can self-publish a heavy book like mine and mail it all over the world. Postage costs more than the book! Will have to wait until I find a reliable publishing company. Over the years, I have sent the project and more recently even portions of the book to several of them, but nobody is interested. I guess only the fans are interested!

  9. Sage Brush says:

    Happy New Year.

    I appreciate Miss Tammy’s efforts……and folks sharing their info about The Fab Four.

    Rainy in Juneau, Alaska.

  10. Lizzie says:

    Hi Sage, I just realized you are in Alaska – wow! And I am in Rio, in the hottest Summer my 65 and a half years have ever experienced! Happy New Year to all my friends in this lovely blog!

  11. Lizzie says:

    Or is it ON this lovely blog? I know I should have studied English instead of just picking it up along the way…

  12. Sage Brush says:

    Hey Lizzie,

    It is sunny and 20 degrees here in Juneau AK.

    I love visiting this website and it is so interesting to read all the comments.

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