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  1. Roger says:

    Freddie Garrity and The Dreamers along with The Yardbirds with a partially obscured Eric “Slowhand” Clapton. Jeff Beck is just a few months away. The other two gents are a British act similar to Peter and Gordon who never made it in the states. I can’t recall their name.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    It’s easy to see that the Beatles couldn’t really do the stuff that THEY thought was far-out…because, they would’ve left everyone behind.
    That each Beatle found the other three is a pure miracle!

  3. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    There was no duo on this tour – the full show line up for “Another Beatles Christmas Show” was as follows: Freddie And The Dreamers, Sounds Incorporated, Elkie Brooks, The Yardbirds, Michael Haslam, The Mike Cotton Sound and Ray Fell. The compère was Jimmy Savile (say no more…)

  4. Roger says:

    I stand corrected. No duo on that tour. Who am I thinking of? Chad & Jeremy? No, they made it in the US. Who are those 2 guys? I know one thing…they, like all the rest of them, are basking in the reflected glow of the 4 lads on the floor. Then as now, none better, forever and always.

  5. Favorite says:

    It’s Night of 100 Stars rehearsal, London Palladium, 23 July 1964. Look at The Beatles’ same clothes.

  6. Favorite says:

    Sorry, not the same clothes, but very close…

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