Yoko posted the following on her website, nice one Yoko.

“As women artists, we were branches of the same tree called INVISIBLE. Linda, it’s so nice to see your work being exhibited right in the center of New York City now. Each work shows your incredible sensitivity as a first rate photographer of our time. Thank you, Linda, for still giving us such beautiful experiences with your work. I miss you. Yoko.”

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  1. Ishie says:

    A lovely sentiment from Yoko …

    Regardless of what happened long ago & far away, Linda & Yoko were strong willed & determined women who deeply loved & stood by their men. They gave their husbands the love that they longed for and that alone was a remarkable gift!

  2. D- says:

    I thought this was WAY WAY cool of Yoko to post that message as well as multiple examples of Linda’s work.

  3. Susan says:


  4. A different Jennifer says:

    I adore Yoko. She gets an unfair rap from SO many people, many of them Beatles fans, and it just puzzles me. John adored this woman and she has remained absolutely devoted to his memory and has done such a beautiful job protecting his legacy. Yoko is a class act. Her and Linda will always be my absolute fave Beatle wives because they were both so strong, independent, and protective of their very powerful husbands.

  5. stephanie says:

    @ a different jennifer: I agree wholeheartedly. Beautifuly expressed !

  6. someone else says:

    Linda must be having a good laugh up in heaven.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, it was a very beautiful and touching writing. : ) The picture is lovely, too. : )

  8. Lizzie says:

    i totally agree with everyone here: beautiful words by an amazing woman. and linda’s photos in this book are superb.

  9. A Different Chris says:

    I’m frightened that by the end of these photos, we’re going to see a naked Paul wrapped around Yoko.

  10. francisco says:

    hahahahaha very good one A Different Chris.
    and I’d like to ask you all when or where have you read a bad/nasty comment about someone who is dead?

  11. I feel that the media and the fans have been so hard on Yoko over the years.She has been blamed for spliting up the Beatles.I think she has taken alot of flack over the years.The only thing that counts is that she really loved John.I am glad to see her and Paul together.

  12. A different Jennifer says:

    Michael: absolutely they are HORRIBLE to Yoko. In Beatles communities like this, people are far more civilized. But if you peruse ANY John solo YouTube vids, or any news articles (Daily Mirror responses are some of the worse ones), and blogs you can see that the GENERAL reaction to Yoko and John and Yoko’s marriage and love is very cruel. It’s like people have all this hate for this poor woman for unfounded reasons, and of course that one reason she always gets blamed for. I think she has remained a class act because she refuses to let it get her down. I read an interview with her from back in the 80’s right after the Goldman book came out. She said that all the terrible things people wrote about her husband mainly almost made her want to kill herself. It was so upsetting and NO ONE would believe her if she tried to explain how none of it was true, so she was really considering just giving up…but then she remembered she had Sean.

    I met Sean a few months ago and I have to say he is one of the loveliest encounters I have ever had with a musical artist. Just a completely amazing man through and through. So if Yoko was really as horrible as the public thinks, her son wouldn’t have turned out to be such a doll in my opinion.

  13. MarkZapp says:

    I guess that this is the closest that we will ever get to seeing “Lennon-McCartney” again.

  14. Chris says:

    How can I know when these events are going to happen ahead of time so I can go!

  15. greg raymond says:

    Lest there be any doubts about Yoko all anyone has to do is watch the LennonNYC documentary. This is absolutely a woman who did and still loves John. I don’t see how anyone can call themselves a Beatle let alone a John Lennon fan and not care for her. She has done her best to preserve John’s integrity and respect after all these tears and also to provide us fans with quality product. Cortney Love, now I can understand that hostility.

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