I dont know a Beatle fan around who does not cry at the mere thought that this clip of the Fabs performing Paperback writer and Rain on Top of the pops was thrown out never to been seen again, i suppose we’re lucky that we at least have stills, and these are some of my favorite Beatle photo’s ever, they just look so cool, and on the cusp of huge changes.

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  1. The Truth Hurts says:

    Did they just mime it or did they actually perform live? I’ve never heard of this!

  2. Chelsea says:

    It also makes me sad that neither song was released on a proper studio album, so fewer people know them … Rain is easily one of the top 5 best beatles songs.

  3. Don Percy says:

    The appearance (from America) of a 16mm Kine of the Hollies TOTP performance of Bus Stop from 1966 gives further hope that somebody, somewhere out there probably has a kine of this performance (mimed tho’ it may have been). I’ll bet they know exactly what it is they have, and are holding it close to their hearts…

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