A couple of weeks ago Paul made a new song available through his web site ‘Life long passion (sail away)’ this came as a bit of a surprise, we knew Paul was working in the studio with ‘Youth’ who produced the first two ‘Fireman’ albums, the first one ‘Strawberry’s, ocean’s, Ship’s and forest’s’ was pretty much just a collection of remixes of one song ‘Deliverance’ and Paul and Linda had very little input into that album. In 1998 came ‘Rushes’ this album was a real Paul album with Paul playing all the instruments but still being mixed and produced by Youth, on Rushes Paul introduced some vocalising and song snippets and made it very much a Paul album even tho he released it under another name, another highlight of Rushes is the presence of Linda who can be heard reciting some of her haiku’s over Paul’s music, i always list Rushes in my top five Paul albums, i never tire of listening to it and i think it’s unfortunate that for many it has gone under the radar due to it being released as a Fireman album, one of the biggest Paul fans i know never bothered to listen to it as he was unimpressed with the first album so ignored Rushes for ten years, then earlier this year i got him a copy from ebay and he now lists it as one of his all time favorite albums, so it was this same friend i invited over to ‘Tingle Manor’ when i got hold of the new Paul/Fireman track ‘Life long passion(Sail away)’ we have a rule now that any Fab release, or more specifically a Paul release must be treated as special and a bit of an event, time is moving on and we wont always be able to enjoy the excitement of a new song or album from the Fabs, so with that in mind we always have a get together for a listening party.

I played the song and we were both floored, it was so much more than i anticipated and because it came out with little fanfare i didn’t really have too many expectations, but the song really moved me and made me think ‘Well if this is one of the new songs Paul can just throw out there, how good is the rest of the album going to be?’. This time out Paul as the Fireman has added a whole lot more vocals and and rich helping of melody, to me it sounds like a ‘Chaos’ outtake and the production sounds like a Godrich influence more so than a Kahn, the reason i mention Godrich is he produces Jason Falkner who played on Paul’s Chaos album and the intro to this new song sounds very much like a Jason Falkner style of song, i love how it mixes electronic keyboards, loops and lots of organic sounds as well, it’s a real mish mash of sounds.

Paul’s vocals here sound great and the song id riddled with Melody’s. When the song was finished my mate had a huge smile on his face and said ‘That has to be Paul’s next proper album, not a Fireman side project’ he went on to explain that he felt this is the perfect progression from ‘Chaos’ to ‘Memory’ and now ‘Lifelong Passion (Sail away)’ he next said something, and in hindsight i have to agree ‘We sure are in a new golden era with Paul’.


  1. Adam from Canberra says:

    The missus and I love the new Fireman song- but the progression surely has to be Memory > Chaos > new Fireman as “…Almost Full” was recorded before “Chaos & Creation”- we reckon you can hear it in the new track- it’s a progression from Chaos surely, not Memory Almost Full.

    We love Chaos, keep your Memory!

  2. Anonymous says:

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    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A few songs from MAF were recorded first (mainly the medley) and then Chaos was recorded completely. After that, the rest of MAF was recorded along with more work done on the songs recorded in 2003. So, Greg has it right, Chaos-MAF-Lifelong Passion.

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