Let’s hope it’s faux . . not liking my chances tho.


4 Responses to “Let’s hope it’s faux . . not liking my chances tho.”

  1. Alex of Bronx says:

    Didn’t he have that fur coat with a fur hat at one point ?

  2. Shaaron says:

    I hoe so, too , against all odds…

  3. John S. Damm says:

    That is one of the best photos I have ever seen of John and Yoko notwithstanding the fur. They both look great! Late 1970’s?

  4. xian says:

    Circa Jan 1977. At that time even the “green” Macca still dressed in leather clothes. There was not yet this collective consciousness on animals. Yes, there are photos of him with a fur hat, more or less the same period.

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