18 Responses to “LATER PERIOD HARI:”

  1. Duke says:


  2. AuroraSkye says:

    Sooo cute! TY for posting~

  3. a friend says:

    hey tam. i liked the old graphics better, but i guess all things must pass ( ha ha ha ). a friend.

  4. Tammy says:

    Hi, i am the king of hating change, no one rules there more than me, but i love this new look, and it’s heaps more user friendly, Greg xoxo

  5. jimmmmybrady says:

    Hey dudes,How tall are these people?There’s a whole controversy on the heights of the Beatles over on

  6. markzapp says:

    As George once sang:”Ring out the old, ring in the new…”

  7. markzapp says:

    Happy New Years, Beatle People everywhere!

  8. mcarp555 says:

    Height? I thought it was well-documented that John, Paul & George were all 5′ 11″, and Ringo was 5′ 8″.

  9. Chris says:

    John, Paul and George were 5′ 11″ AND SO AM I!! :)

  10. a friend says:

    right back atcha markzapp. happy new year to you. who played organ on savory truffle? just a little trivia question to start off the new year. a friend.

  11. BLJ says:

    I heard Paul, John and George were 5’11 to 6’0 wearing 2 inch cuban heels. Ringo was 5’8 with cuban heels. In stocking feet, do the math. Paul may have been 1/2 or an inch taller than John and George, I’m not sure. Except for Ringo the other three were considered average height, not really tall. Ringo is petite being only 5’6 in stocking feet. Don’t quote me but this is what I have read. Most male celebrities will up their heights a little.

  12. markzapp says:

    Chris Thomas!

  13. a friend says:

    markzapp, you know yer stuff! a friend

  14. Johnny Silver says:

    ? – all ya gotta do is google to find out who played on what.

  15. a friend says:

    thats cheating, and i figgered that markzapp would know the answer because he seems like a beatle expert to me. a friend.

  16. MarkC says:

    Looks like Luc Robataille of the LA Kings (ret.)

  17. ohnotheragen says:

    When I met George I was wearing heels. I’m only 5’5” and I had only 3 inch heels on, and he was not too much taller than he. I don’t believe that he was 5’11 at all.

  18. Steve L. says:

    I know the guy standing with George. He is Barry Phillips, cellist/composer/arranger/recording engineer and exceptionally nice person from Santa Cruz, CA. You can see him in the cello section in The Concert for George & interviewed in the special features on the DVD. This was probably taken at a recording session or rehearsal of Ravi Shankar’s orchestra.

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