John and Yoko’s last pablic statement, issued the morning of December the 8th, in support of striking Asian workers in San Francisco. John, Yoko and Sean were booked to go and march with the striking workers the following week.

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  1. princess stephanie says:


    I will no longer judge Ringo for his repetitive “Peace & Love” mantra now that I’ve learned J&Y used it first….

  2. Cara says:

    Things like this statement make me miss him even more… What John would have said when the Irag War began, when California’s Proposition 8 passed (anti-gay marriage), when states began attacking the immigrants who help make our country strong… We miss your loud mouth, Johnny!

  3. anonymoustill says:

    It also makes you aware of how weak pop art has become. Now you have controversy for it’s own sake rather than for expression of honest opinions, and few willing to take a stand on anything worthy because political correctness is a priority. Tight abs and butt shaking rule the landscape. It’s become all about celebrity rather than achievement.

    I don’t know how John would have reconciled it all, but if anyone could have done it well, it would have been him. He always was at odds with things. It’s strange how the loners and misfits who become artists end up having some of the loudest and most effective voices. Ironically, they draw people to them.

    Great post Greg. Anything John ranks, and anything 1980 is gold.

  4. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Yeah, John just came back into the limelight and he just jumped back into the water to back the way he was as an activist. No feeling around of public opinion of himself, headlong into what he was. No half steps for Johnny Lennon. That was part of his greatness . His absence will never be made up in this lifetime. He was one of a kind and you knew it from the first time you saw him on the Sullivan show. I’m 55 yrs old and I still miss him.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. <3

  6. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    This time of the year always makes me nostalgic for ole J.L. I feel there should be two Beatle holidays a year :
    Jan.30 to Feb.09
    Oct.09 to Dec.08

  7. anonymoustill says:

    Hi Alex. At least you got to witness it. People like me have to read about it. The closest I can get to it is by reading old magazines of the era. They’re great reference materials. You realize a lot of “the story” is actually recycled unresearched “fact” that gets taken for granted as truth many years later. It’s not so much what they said, but WHEN they said it that makes the difference. Especially with our boy Johnny. The only two snippets of Beatledom that I can share is of being at the Dakota 12/9/80 as a kid. I swear I actually saw John in Bermuda when I was a kid, too. He was with Sean and the reason I’m pretty sure it was him is not so much his appearance but his damned VOICE. He consciously avoided making eye contact with anyone and he had on this brimmed hat with his ever present glasses. I would have never been able to make him out anyway. He hadn’t been in the public eye in 5 years which for me back then was forever. I would have spied Paul in an instant. It’s eerie though that I remember his voice so clearly. The English accent, which I had never heard before, made an impression on me.

    I was born at least a decade too damned late…

    Hey Lizzie, how’s that book of yours coming along?

  8. Cara says:

    btw, that doesn’t look like John’s signature… do you think Yoko signed it for him?

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    genuine John sig…

    (not only…but also):
    while I appreciate John’s politicking…
    JFK disease looms large for those with influence…
    (be warned)…
    If you’ve never heard of MKUltra…
    realize that assassins don’t just appear from nowhere

  10. lizzie says:

    i didn’t know about this letter, thanks for posting tammy.

  11. James Aulds says:

    Notice John mentioned the constitution twice. He loved the USA and would have spoken out against all unconstitutional behavior and plenty of it to speak out against in this day.

  12. A different Jennifer says:

    Thank you for posting this. Gawd, he was such a fantastic man in so many ways. He really had his heart and mind in such a powerful place, and cared a lot about things your everyday pop stars couldn’t care less about. Such a phenomenal talent/icon. <3

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    Food For Thought:
    political…or not…you decide…
    Yoko has given her public blessing to the Georgia Guidestones…
    (something John would never consider)…
    here’s article 1:
    to live in harmony with the planet in a quantity of 500,000,000…
    well, that means that only 75% of us have to go…

  14. Kwai Chang says:

    the 'guidestones' stand in Georgia…(SouthEastern USA)
    they are 6 huge slabs of ugliness surrounded in 'mystery' re:origin…
    8 languages are represented and describe a new 'vision' of humanity here on Earth…
    (long story short…Globalist/NWO)

  15. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Maybe you guys can remeber something about this , sort of Guidestones maybe.
    Didn’t the Lennons buy a house somewhere in the mountains of Virginia in the late 70’s cause some supposidly prophet said a flood was gonna wipe out the eastern part of the U.S. and John wanted higher ground. I believe I read back in the day that he went and checked out the property with Mick Jagger and some waitress in VA. hung out with them and it is one of her best memories.
    It would be one of my best memories also.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone ?

  16. Tammy says:

    Not as complex as that, they did purchase a farm in Virginia for investment purposes, i have a photo of it .. i ‘think’ Yoko still owns it, i was shocked to read in one of her tweets that she still has a farm. It was probably from this farm that came the infamous ‘$250.000 cow’.

  17. Jo says:

    Tammy, I read in an Esquire magazine published in 1980 that John and Yoko bought a farm in Franklin, NY (upstate NY). I believe that was the farm that the $250K Holstein came from. I was fascinated at the time, as being a New York Stater, I knew of that town which was not far from where I had some relatives living at the time…

  18. Michael says:

    @princess stepanie: Yeah…what’s so funny about peace & love? (and understanding)?

  19. princess stephanie says:

    @Michael: im not poking fun at genuine “peace and love”. My point is that Ringo has so often used that mantra excessively, and unfortunately, doesnt seem genuine or sincere anymore by the way he repeats it endlessly. every public appearance… every interview….. . If he said it like he meant it, then I wouldnt have a problem….

  20. greg raymond says:

    Another epic example of what could have been. This one was wonderful to see, but I dunno it also really makes me pretty bummed out. I wish they’d went to San Francisco on Saturday December 6th.

  21. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Actually I wish they would have been able to leave on Tues. Dec. 09, 1980 but no.

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