Most people think the last photograph taken of John alive was when he was signing the autograph with his head bowed forward, but Paul Goresh took one more frame after that just as John was turning to get in the limosine, i’ve had the photo in bad quality for years, but it’s only in the past week i’ve been able to turn up a better quality version of it, after spending a while correcting and fixing the photo it looks better now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tammy, I believe there was another photo shot by Paul that night. The last one is the one you have here, the first one is the most famous. Paul himself has said he took another one where John is peering up through his glasses that I have personally never seen. Thanks for posting this one!

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi, i’ve heard there ‘may’ be another photo, but some times Paul changes his story so it’s not a photo, just a memory of John sitting in the car waving out the window to him, what i’ve printed on the blog is the last photo we have seen so far, weather there is one more or not we wont know until Paul decides to publish it (if ever) i DO have one other photo taken as John is walking out of the archway, it’s only just surfaced and it was never printed as something happend to the camera and it didnt turn out, but now with photoshop we are able to enhance it and you can now make out the figure of John, i may print it if people are interested.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whadaya mean IF people are interested!?!? Never assume we’re not (LOL)!! I for one would love to see it!

  4. Anonymous says:


    First, as an avid Lennon fan, I think the work done on this website is fantastic. It’s great to see so many RARE photos of the beatles, and especially of John!!

    Second, I have seen another photo of John taken on December 8 – NOT – part of the Paul Goresh sequence on this site. It is of John, Yoko and Dave Sholin, taken around (I think) 10.30pm just before John and Yoko headed home. I don’t know who took the photo, but I believe this is the last photo of John alive. Maybe someone else knows the one I’m talking about??

    Keep up the good work with the photos!!


  5. Tammy says:

    Hi Stephen,

    If you search the archives on this site you’ll find the Dave Sholin photo, i think it was only me who captured this pic when it turned up on a tiny online video, it was hard to capture i remember that, the Dave Sholin photo was taken in Studio One inside the Dakota imediatly before John and Yoko left the building and were photographed by Goresh.

  6. John Collins says:

    Thanks Tammy! Because the Sholin photo mentions ‘studio one’, I thought it was the Hit Factory recording studios, so therefore it had to be later in the day…thanks for letting me know!

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