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  1. Erik says:


    Great pic! But I would tag this under “1965” and not ’64. I could be wrong of course, but the hair-cuts, John’s hat, and (above all) the electric-organ near John point to the ’65 North American Tour. But a neat picture! Thanks for all the hard work you do for this amazing site!


  2. Tammy says:

    Erik, you could be right, i always get confused with some of the concerts, mainly i always assosiate the 65 concerts with the Shea jackets, but of course they werent worn all the time, so over to the readers and lets see what they say ..


  3. Rick says:

    I would say 1965 due to the larger VOX amplifier cabinets – I recall the smaller (2 speaker) combos in the 64 pictures I’ve seen.

  4. BeatleMark says:

    Yeah Tammy….The KILT poster underneath Ringo’s kit is a radio station in Houston Texas. “Howdy, Ya’ll!” August 19, 1965.

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