Kenwood stroll.

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Two Cold: Unfinished Weather No 1

  2. mcarp555 says:

    Yoko wearing the coat John wore on the rooftop. Looks funny to see it on her.

  3. Lizzie says:

    This photo is from this photographer: beautiful images of John and Yoko!

  4. mcarp555 says:

    Lizzie! Is that book done yet?

  5. MarkC says:

    And was the one worn by John in this photo worn by George on the rooftop?

  6. stephenmcg says:

    And is the one George wore on Apple the one he got married in in 66,and is the seal Paul wore in Help(so why the hooha at Rod paul?)the one in SFForever video and the same one Linda is wearing in 69 and 70(ie where theyre at Mull he standing with beard ,she sitting on floor holding his legs,Martha in shot)?…or not

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Speaking of Fur…
    I always thought there would have been a porn star named Douglas Fir…
    an unemployed man of the wood trade…roaming the San Fernando Valley in search of a job. A real stud…

  8. As we all know George & John are no longer with us. But based on their dark senses of humor I think they both would have loved this blog: Photo captions regarding farting. And now posts like Kwai’s referencing porn star names. These are good times, yes.

    (btw let’s not forget Ringo’s HOF speech where he discusses Beatles farting, OK? Wouldn’t be surprised if a certain drummer from Liverpool is a silent (but deadly) lurker of this blog). :-)

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Silent but violent

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    About the Douglas Fir:
    …most construction grade lumber is milled from hemlock fir…or, douglas fir…
    (so, I guess his girlfriends name is Connie…who someday hopes to be ‘conifer’)

  11. mcarp555 says:

    … the Larch…

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    Knot here, please

  13. Lizzie says:

    I don’t think this black fur coat of John’s is the same George wore at the rooftop. But Paul’s Help black fur coat is the same one Linda wore for some photos. It’s late, I’ve been working all day and I didn’t understand much of what was going on here, I’ll have to read the posts again tomorrow.

  14. Lizzie says:

    mcarp555, Portuguese version of the book went to the printers today for ONE copy to be made. Costs a small fortune, but it has to be done. 300 pages. I love the paper and the binding my designer chose. Can’t wait to see it printed next week. I am sending out the paperwork my New York attorney prepared for the use of the photos that are not mine. Some people have sent them back signed already. Now I have to finish the English translation. As I said before, I have to be slightly mad to be doing all this myself (with my designer and her team, of course!). It’s a huge amount of work. But I am very happy with the results. The photos look so amazing it’s hard to believe I took them with that little plastic camera… And I’m beginning to make peace with all the “I love John” and the fact that in my diaries I either cry or almost die just about every day… (as a friend pointed out to me a while ago).

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    The best thing about your book is that the sacrifices you made are much different than the ones made by most Beatle authors. You proved that any Beatle fan could have jumped into the story…but, only a few jumped as far as you.

    Blame It On Betty

  16. Lizzie says:

    Thank you Kwai… I have to confess I am slightly overwhelmed at the moment, and have been sick for two days, in bed. My doctor says it’s stress… Please wish me luck, I need it.

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