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5 Responses to “JUNIORS FARM:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    What’s up with Junior???
    Did he forget his Mr. Moped persona?
    Bare feet and motorcycles DON’T MIX!

  2. DC says:

    There is another famous photo from this series. It shows Paul and Linda sitting on rocking chairs sipping tea on that porch. I read that they rented this house during the Nashville sessions.

  3. alex of da bronx says:

    Somehow I believe Paulie is a lot cooler and ballsier then his public personna is.

  4. Sandie Barbieri says:

    Looks like my house with a much different bump. My porch goes all across the first level instead of just vertically over the doorway, but it looks identical aside from that. Oh, now I feel smug!

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