Julian and Dhani.

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  1. mcarp555 says:

    Pictures like this always amaze me when I consider how it all started, over half a century ago between schoolboys amateurishly playing guitars in a bombed-out ruin of a city on the edge of nowhere. The journey from there to this photo (and others like it) is certainly one of the most amazing stories ever told. If it wasn’t (mostly) true, no one would believe it.

  2. Cara says:

    Julian, Dhani, and Stella.

  3. Pete F. says:

    Exactly positively absolutely 100% mcarp555
    Well said. Happy Holidays!

  4. Lizzie says:

    Totally agree mcarp555!

  5. Ishie says:

    mcarp55, so very well said.
    No matter how many times I read a book, an article or an interview I think of how remarkable their lives have been. Paul meets John at a summer fete. Interest is sparked. They join forces and they set out on a path together that changed the history of music.
    Theirs is a once-in-a-lifetime story and the talent that was/is The Beatles can never be duplicated. The magnitude and their influence is beyond measure.

  6. Ringo once said that his bond with JP&G was so strong in part because only those 4 knew what it was like to go thru the mania they experienced in the 60’s. similarly, no one knows what it’s like to be the child of a Beatle – the good and the bad. obviously the rapport that many of the Beatles kids have with each other is due in part to that.

    great pic, btw. :-)

  7. both Julian and Dhani lost their dads too soon. way too soon, because of two disturbed maniacs. they both went thru alot at very young ages.

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