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17 Responses to “JOHNS SHADOW:”

  1. Ishie says:

    That is exactly what it appears to be … lovely thought!

  2. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Out of all the great things these guys did, this quasi reunion in my humble opinion was my least favorite thing. I didn’t like Free as a bird etc. Loved the anthology though. Just an opinion from the Bronx. Please don’t climb all over me for this. LOL

  3. “Free As A Bird” was okay, but I loved “Real Love.” It was nice to see the three of them reminisce some.

  4. Pete F. says:

    No worries Alex, it’s all good :-) But I agree, the Threetles jam did seem a little forced, at least for George. I remember my first impression seeing it was this is Let It Be all over again…

    loved the Anthology too & Real Love, Free As A Bird not so much

  5. Ishie says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. I think the ‘Threetles’ did well with John’s tape but as Jeff Lynne has mentioned the tapes were rough and it was a challenge. Any output that they had as a band whether it be “Real Love” or “Free as a Bird” had it’s limitations because John was not there in the physical sense to make tweeks, changes or to exchange creative ideas about the songs. It just proves the point that there really isn’t a Beatles unless you have the four entities.
    From where I stand the ‘Anthology’ and John’s 2 songs closed the full circle that was the Beatles. John started the band and his songs wrote the final chapter. Their history is unique and will never be duplicated. They were that once in a lifetime phenomena.
    They live on ….

  6. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Real Love was the beginning of what could have been a great song, I think it was originally on the Imagine John Lennon soundtrack CD with obviously only John doing it. Again Ishie, what you wrote is profound and beautiful.
    Rgds to all from the Bronx

  7. Nick D. says:

    Wasn’t it called “Boys & Girls” at one point? I know the three surviving Beatles did the best they could with what they have and I, for one, was happy that they did anything at all!

  8. MarkZapp says:

    The reunion from them, even in this capacity, was VERY welcomed and appreciated by me. Seeing the three of them play together for the first time since I had become a fan(in the early ’70’s) was something that I didn’t think that I would ever get to see. Yes they played no real Beatles songs but I’ll take what I could get. The reunion songs were pretty good. I like them more than some of their “classic” songs. The group interviews were the highlight of “Anthology” for me. This photo is so historic for me. I won’t really bother with supposed ghostly images of John. This is not the “National Enquirer”.

  9. Tammy says:

    It’s just unfortunate that a much better quality demo of Real Love, Now and Then (without buzz) and glorious versions of ‘Grow old along with me didn’t surface until many years later, they would have sounded SO much better than generational loss once used.

  10. Derek says:

    Very true Tammy. The tape they used on Real Love was a tape of John singing along to a tape of himself: so his vocals are sort of double tracked. The bootleg ‘At Home’ has that first version he taped, and it’s crystal clear, both vocal and piano. Lennon Anthology has another good clear take.

    Oh well. Maybe that’s why they sped up John’s vocal so much (too much I reckon) to try and hide it a bit. There’s a mix which is minus John’s tape, if you want to hear how P, G & R sound reunited:

    I think FAAB worked 100% as a Beatle track, as it needed finishing. It gets away with it. But I dunno if the reunion songs will be remembered in the long run…

    Hard to think all that was almost 20 years ago!

  11. Ishie says:

    MarkZapp & Tammy … agreed. There were several moments in the anthology during some of their conversations that were just beautiful and a further testament to the love & bond they had for one another regardless of the financial tangles that defined the dissolution of the band. I was thrilled that they were able to get together for this project, record 2 songs and (as you expressed Mark ) gave us the chance and the unexpected gift of seeing them make music again. When I saw the segment of the anthology that this photo is taken from, I was very emotional. It was as if a day hadn’t passed … they played and laughed and sang and that really was enough for me … that moment alone was priceless.
    It was great that Yoko turned over John’s demo tapes …. glad that we have those songs to add to their legacy!

  12. Vitor Bastos says:

    I dont see any shadow of John, just Paul, George and Ringo shadows, where is johns??

  13. Johnny Silver says:

    considering that so many beatles songs from ’67 – ’69 were missing at least one member, i had no problem with FAAB. for me, george’s solo ranks up there with the best of his solos.

    besides, is john even on half of Abbey Road?

  14. MarkZapp says:

    John’s supposed shadow appears in profile singinging into a microphone above Ringo’s cymbal.

  15. Derek says:

    John’s old piano in background, nice touch.

  16. D Chase says:

    When I watch the three Beatles in Anthology jam together I sense frustration by George. Paul is trying to keep the moments lite but George is almost reluctant to play anything move than a few verses. I admire them all and treasure the reunion of sorts but did anyone have feeling?

    Also I wonder what video material was edited out of the reunion. Perhaps we will see all the video one day.

  17. MarkBassman says:

    Looking back on the Anthology I was blown away that Neil and the Beatles gave more of themselves to us to enjoy.Paul seemed as his usual self,very enthusiastic and the lifeblood behind the jam and the interviews.George shines in those interviews sitting around the table and brings up some funny moments in their past.Ringo was sad at times but was giving his best ti reminisce.Look they didnt need to do this project,,,,it was all ready written in the music but they were cool enough to go back and reflect and share one more time.They are timeless….they are a phenomenon….they were gifted and brought us some happy happy times. I was 5 when they appeared on Ed Sullivan and they left such an impression on me that Sunday night that I still remember being over Grandmoms watching it with my sisters screaming their heads off….LOL. And led me to become a musician myself. Hats off and Cheers….they were the best of the best! No doubt in my mind.

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