My friend Derek just sent me some screen captures to post, when i looked at the above photo i noticed the shadow on the wall between George and Ringo, it looks like John singing into a microphone!, it’s not Georges shadow, it’s not Paul’s .. pretty awesome eh?.

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  1. AuroraSkye says:

    It’s a great picture — but I don’t see why you say that it is not Paul’s shadow. It fits the lighting angle and even his mouth and microphone. It would be neat if it were (or looked like) John’s shadow just happened to appear there but it just looks like Paul’s shadow to me. Still – it is a VERY nice picture of the Threatles! :-)

  2. Vison says:

    I like it alot! Though it doesn’t look like Paul’s shadow too much. The “shadow” looks like it’s singing straight ahead into the mic while Paul’s got his head down and mouth closed

  3. The shadow in the wall is Paul…

  4. Chris says:

    It’s not Paul’s shadow because Paul is not singing at this point. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s Photoshop and a new Beatle Myth. 😉

  5. Tammy says:

    It may well be Paul’s shadow, but it looks like John :-)

    Excellent, i love starting a good conspiracey theory :-)

  6. reallove says:

    Wake up everybody! It’s time to work! Dream it’s over!

  7. Astrid says:

    Scary…though I think it is more likely Paul’s shadow. He looks to the side, but his lower lip is casting this shadow as if he is singing into the micro.

    After all….add Paul’s memory of the peacock hanging round while recording together later it will add a lot to the myth that John was around while they worked on the Anthology and on the songs he left unfinished.


  8. Brian says:

    It’s Paul’s shadow definitely—the photo is a composite of video screen shots starting with Ringo and panning left to Paul, so you are seeing Paul’s shadow from a few seconds before, but by the time the camera gets to Paul, he’s moved his head the other way.

    It still looks like John there though.

  9. Sophie says:

    I believe in what Paul said about the peacock though. If that spirit stuff is true, and I believe in it myself, that’s where John’s would be.

    Not with Liam Gallagher as he so believed!!

  10. Zorty says:

    “Cry for a Shadow” anybody? 😉

    Love that jam. I remember reading that the jam was cut short because George had a hard time going through the Beatle songs without John, so they rushed an ending with ‘Blue Moon’. I also read that the footage of George breaking up is available somewhere.

    Has anybody out there seen the complete, uncut jam?

  11. debjorgo says:

    The image of John is to the left of Paul’s right foot. Paul’s pant leg and foot outline the right side of John’s face. You can see his eye brows, eyes and face (circa White Album, Let it Be) fairly clear. I can’t tell if he’s wearing his glasses or not.

    Be sure to click it to see the larger size photo.

  12. Steve in the Bronx says:

    This jam session didn’t last long enough!!

  13. Brian says:

    I want a go on that psychedelic piano of George’s!

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