9 Responses to “JOHN OR NOT?:”

  1. Dirk says:

    it is Dot Jones, Stuart and Chris Jones playing Stuart’s guitar

  2. Dirk says:

    Stuart Sutcliffe with Dot and Chris Jones in the Percy Street flat, 1958

  3. jim says:

    Not. However, Stuart, yes!

  4. Tammy says:

    Wow, it looks a lot more like Johns profile to me, oh well, my eyes must be failing :-)

  5. Kelli says:

    I think it’s John. That doesn’t look like Stu to me.

  6. Nick D. says:

    I don’t think that’s John. The body is all wrong. Not tall enough.

  7. BLJ says:

    Talking about eyes failing, I thought it was Elvis at first glance, lol.

  8. Peter Hodgson says:

    I’ll ask Bill Harry

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