“It was said I never loved Cyn. That’s far from the truth. We were young, bigheaded, and got into a physical relationship too soon. Perhaps if we took things slow we would have made it. I know we would have made it.” John 1974.

I know i’ve printed this letter from John to Cyn before, but i only recently found this quote from John, i guess it’s part of the attraction of John that he was such an extreme personality, from day to day he would flip flop from being kind, to the cruelst person imaginable, very few were spared these extremes, it’s one of the great sadnesses of him being taken so young, that he never got to grow and mature and refine these thoughts he had for those he loved most.

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  1. Janna says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, I’d never seen or heard about the letter. It really gives great insight into the “normal” side of a celebrity, of course in this case Mr. Lennon. I also loved the quote from John that you added, and your comments are so true!

    Thank you for your fab photo blog! You do an awesome job, and I enjoy it very much 😀

  2. Another_Fan says:

    Lol, “your famous ex husband”
    That’s hilarious! XD Sweet letter though, and he types Julian’s name in caps every time.. =]

  3. lizzie says:

    this is beautiful, thanks for posting. i always believed john loved cyn.

  4. Sal says:

    Both the quote and the letter are from the time when John was estranged from Yoko. Hmmm…

  5. realthing says:

    an answer to a letter he hasn`t with him?……..a letter much better than talk with her or with Julian by phone?…………I don’t think this be a nice letter. I must say this is the face of John Lennon nobody wanted to know. This is the way John Lennon treat the people didn’t love. You always believed John loved Cyn, lizzie? I think Lennon never loved Cyn because John Lennon just loved John Lennon.

  6. Mike says:

    I’m not a Yoko basher in any way; however, you can see a marked difference in John while he was with May… this letter, his interractions with Paul (Toot and a Snore sessions) and with Julian, too (the Disneyworld trip). So many “what if” thoughts that we will never know the answers to…

  7. Sophie says:

    Mike, I don’t think there is any doubt that Yoko changed John. And that’s not just from an outsiders point of view, but Paul and George both said it again and again. And I don’t think she changed him for the better either. Sure, he did all that “peace” stuff which is great. But he seemed to become more angry, more cruel, more insecure even. And you can most of all tell the difference in 1974, where we see letters like these and hear “Toot and a Snore” etc.
    Amazing really the difference when he’s not with her.

  8. realthing says:

    Thank you very much. That’s the way John was. When he read something he doesn´t like but was true he was breaking the note. Thats your way, mate. Do you use to write your boyfriend a note too instead of talking with him face to face? Come on!

  9. jOjO says:

    John was nice when he felt like it. Most of those closest to him said he was cruel. All except those who had something over him. He was an extremely insecure person, with power. He didn’t alway treat those closet to him with compassion and “Love”
    His outward image didn’t match his inner personality. This is typical for celebs though. John was only human and full of himself, full of contradiction, full of Hippocracy, full of shit, full of charm and wit, and full of creative energy. This is what makes him soooooo interesting!

  10. Jeannette says:

    Hey realthing, I believe John really did love Cynthia and so what if he decided to write her a letter? John always used to write to Cynthia while away in Hamburg or on tour so him doing so in 1974 to show off his new typing skills is not unusual.

  11. Erik says:

    I’ve always felt that the above letter was/is a VERY nice and loving gesture by John (definitely); and that he really did love Cynthia (and btw, I also know that John was human and so, like many of us, he wasn’t always perfect….from from it).

    But I’d like to add that I must agree about how when John was with May (and away from Yoko) he appears to be happier (in pictures) than he had in years. He just physically looks better too….interesting in deed (that said, to be fair, he also definitely looked happy with Yoko at different times/years too).

    But I think there is something there to the difference in John during that time w/ May and away from Yoko….

  12. Jeannette says:

    Erik I mostly agree with you; John did look healthy and happy when with both Cynthia and May while with Yoko he looked…well pathetic. Many family, friends, fellow musicians, have all stated that while with May John was very much like his old self, joking, keeping in touch, even repairing his relationships with Paul, George, Ringo, and Julian.

  13. Johnny Silver says:

    i am not the biggest yoko supporter, and never will be.

    but honestly, we all know the 1974 period was not exactly a fine & dandy period for john while he was away from yoko. the substance abuse was getting out of control. as many of you pointed out, he did indeed repair relationships with paul & ringo yes, but his partying & self destruction got out of control. that’s not yoko’s fault, may pang’s fault…only john’s.

    but harry nilsson?! talk about a sycophant who took more from a relationship than he gave. and all harry gave john was headaches & hangovers.

  14. hanna says:

    well, but also the substance abuse and the whole made-up lost weekend cover up is only one side of the story. those were 18 months i think, in which he probably didn´t spend more that three with harry nilsson. he did get it together in that time.
    in my belief his substance abuse got really out of control in 67 and again in 68/69, when he unfortunately discovered heroin.
    73 it was alcohol and cocaine, but if you choose to believe may pang that was only in the beginning. towards the end of the lost weekend he was recovering, and anybody who knows how it´s like to battle an addiction, knows that it takes time, but i think he was on the right track. and it sure wasn´t easy. i don´t know what happened then and why he ended that period so apruptly, but i think that john lennon, like it or not, was a coward. staying apart from yoko, drugs and domination would have meant that he was responsable for his own actions, that the mistakes he made were his own, i´m thinking that´s something he was most afraid of. he just didn´t want to carry that weight.

  15. Bryan says:

    Overall, it’s just the biggest shame that we are forced to give John’s post-Beatle work a beginning, middle and end, when we know he was far from done.

    Lots of 60s stars spent the 70s wallowing in booze and coke, John was no different.

    But focusing so intensely on an 18-month period in the early 70s skews the picture somewhat. We shouldn’t judge him just on this time period alone. Not fair. The microscopes have magnified the tears: I think we fans should zoom out rather than in.

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