Click on the following hyper link to watch the footage Thanksgiving 1974

As a long time collector of rare Beatle video, the appearance this week of home movie footage of John and Elton on stage in 1974 is something collectors have long dreamed of seeing, but never thinking would become a reality, but blow me down, here it is. Now .. bring on the 1980 Double Fantasy footage :-)


  1. Nick says:

    OMG! Finally!!! Something for that show! WOW!!

  2. Since 1963 says:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, on the stage, Mr. Paul McCartney!” Ha. :)

  3. Cara says:

    I am *floored*!! Is this a dream? Truly amazing, Miss Tammy… thank you for bringing us what I thought was an impossibility! Check one off my Bucket List…

  4. maxeythecat says:

    Like I told the person who originally posted it, watching this is akin to looking at the actual drawing that inspired John to write Lucy in the Sky or hearing that audiotape of the Quarrymen’s performance at Woolton on the day John met Paul….it’s just incredible, and an absolute dream come true for both fans and historians alike…..hell, I had to pinch myself when I first saw it cos for a second or two I really thought I WAS dreaming!

  5. Brian says:


  6. Bill c says:

    Whoever synced up the audio did an excellent job

  7. kavada says:

    I like to see John on stage with Elton John!

  8. Lorie says:


  9. Jennifer says:

    What an incredible find! : ) Thanks a bunch for the screen caps. : )

  10. Mike says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything… I can’t say “thank you” enough for posting this.

  11. SpiritW72 says:

    Just wow. Relatives of mine were there and I was jealous for years! Now at least there’s this amazing glimpse. Thank you for sharing the caps and especially the video!

  12. EdNYC says:

    Was this only transferred to vhs years ago as is stated on YouTube? Whoever owns the roll of super 8 needs to get it professionally transferred, believe you could get a bit more detail out of it with today’s technology.


  13. stephanie says:

    @Bill C: I agree, what an outstanding audio sync job, would have been very challenging with so many cuts and jumps.

    Tammy, this is superb, thankyou !!

  14. Ron says: Say thank you to mommamaxx the orginial filmer…

  15. Lizzie says:

    This is really fantastic, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it either!

  16. Sophie says:


  17. bibi says:

    This simply took my breath away, I still can’t believe it! I NEVER thought I’d ever see any footage of this historic date & have always wondered WHY did no one film it? Now we know someone did. Thank you Tammy for this, I can’t get over it!!!

    Also, as Bill c said “Whoever synced up the audio did an excellent job”, agreed, did they ever.

  18. stephanie says:

    The original filmaker, “Momax”, commented on youtube, where he first uploaded this on 9th march :

    “This gets much better once the lights come up. I was 18 and a rank amateur when I filmed this. It was taken with a Super 8 movie camera whilst dancing on my chair, and trying not to fall off. When I stood still for a moment, the Garden was actually bouncing! I transferred it to VHS in the early ’80s and dubbed in the music, which was the opening song. When Lennon came on stage it was pure magic. Best Concert Ever. Thanks to Roger & Ulises for encouraging me to follow through on this upload (my first)”.

    “this is it.,,just as I filmed it. I was basically going for Elton theatrics, as Super 8’s didn’t record sound. But when Lennon appeared and confirmed the rumors, well, I was just glad I blew all my $ on that camera:)”

  19. stephanie says:

    more comments from the filmaker:

    “I have an original super 8 (no sound) video of this. We were right side orchestra, 12th row, across from Yoko. Back then you could wait in line for tickets, and we went into the city the night before the sale. At 2AM they opened the windows and we walked away with that entire row. It was the best concert ever. I transferred the film to VHS when that was the new medium and added music. I’m sure there are others out there, but, like mine, the quality would not be up to today’s standards.” mommamaxx

    “I still have the original super 8 . Mommamaxx”

    Tammy: someone needs to urgently contact “mommamaxx” , a 55 yo new york guy, whose identity not known, and suggest he gets the original super 8 film (which he has confirmed he still posesses) professionally copied, as another poster suggested.

    What we see on youtube is in fact the 2nd generation copy on VHS which was done in the early 1980s, which would be significantly inferior picture quality.

    We can only hope that a clearer version of this super 8 video will emerge.

  20. stephanie says:

    more comments by the filmaker:

    “As I remember (we’re going back 37 years here) the super 8 reels were only about 4 minutes, and I honestly don’t remember how many I took. I do know I spliced them together into one reel. I’ll enlist my son to help.

    It really was the best concert. I never experienced that much joy at a show before or since. It’s so great that Lennon’s segment was released on the extended version of Elton’s Here and There. (I’ve got my ticket stub taped to the original album cover.) Over the years, whenever I see one of the friends whom I was with that evening, the first thing he says is ‘Man that was a good concert…”

    so its possible longer super 8 footage of john exists from this concert??

  21. stephenmcg says:

    Are people being sarcastic!!
    I like “Funeral for a freind” EJs peak “GYBRoad”and that is how it got filmed
    because a fan went to the trouble,silly ungrateful people on You Tube,but its not in synch at all!!

  22. stephanie says:

    @ stephenmcg. You are incorrect, no one is being sarcastic. And no, thats not how it was filmed.

    “synched” means the vison is precisely matched with the actual authentic concert audio. Thats whats been achieved in the version above.

    The filmaker himself explained, via his youtube channel, he filmed using a hand held super 8 movie camera, which did not (and was incapabe of) recording audio. A silent format. He filmed “bits and pieces” from the concert and spliced the tape together. A super 8 film roll is only 4 minutes long. The filmaker obviously tried to make his film last as long as possible , by using the stop and start button frequently.

    There was no continous take of any one complete song.

    In the early 1980’s, the filmaker copied his edited super 8 to a VHS tape, and simply added the audio track , “Funeral For A Friend”, which he copied from the EJ album GYBR. That is the version that you see on Youtube, which the filmaker (“mommax”) himself uploaded, found here:

    In this version, it is obvious the vision bears absolutely no relation to the audio. It was just an arbitrary choice. not synched.

    Professionally recorded audio of the concert, including the 3 songs John Lennon performed on, has been available for years. It is from this source that a very clever fan synched up the audio and vision. That is the version seen above (via Tammy’s link)

    As was said before, a very clever job given the numerous cuts and gaps in the vision.

  23. james says:

    Wow!Just incredibel to think it this has finally turned up!I never for one imagined this historic appearance would ever see the light of day!It actually makes me think how excited John himself would have been to know this was in existence, it was highly significant for him, but for fans its just great to have a look in at what was really his last blast with a good mate in music!Im just totally amazed!

  24. alex of bronx says:

    Finally. This is fantastic. Somebody has to do something to preserve this. This is John Lennon’s last live performance. We need this preserved. I do love the fact that the last song John ever played live was ” I Saw Her Standing There”
    Man, that speaks volumes…………………………

  25. mommamax says:

    p.s. I’m a’ Jersey Girl’, not a NY guy:)

  26. possibly says:

    Since 1963: you missed the point; it’s choppy audio. What Elton actually says is “We’re going to do a number written by a certain gentleman on the stage and Mr. Paul McCartney.”

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