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18 Responses to “JOHN, JULIAN AND GEORGE:”

  1. Jeannette says:

    I’ve been wondering when you were going to put that up!

  2. Ishie says:

    John’s first “Beautiful Boy”.

  3. d- says:

    Too bad he never bothered to write a song about that first beautiful boy.

  4. Ishie says:

    He did. John wrote “Good Night” as a lullaby for Julian, although it was given to Ringo to sing on the White Album.

  5. d- says:

    That’s a sweet song about having sweet dreams. It’s not directly about Julian. It doesn’t mention anything about him. John could just as easily be singing it to Cynthia, Yoko, or Paul.

  6. Ishie says:

    d … I was just commenting about what I had read about ‘Good Night’ in various articles discussing the ‘White Album’ although Julian’s name is not mentioned in the song as Sean’s name is in the closing line of ‘Beautiful Boy’, it was written as a lullaby for him. The only time I know that Julian’s name is mentioned in a song is the intro to ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over’) when John whispers ‘Happy Christmas Julian’.

  7. georgiesflower says:

    A very rare shot of daddy John and uncle George :)
    Julian looks a little scared or maybe he is only bashful, just like kids are :)

  8. Ishie says:

    He was a sweet little boy and he seems to have grown into a sensitive & talented man.

  9. Karin Korach says:

    How sad it was that John couldn’t lavish the love and attention on Julian that he was able to do with Sean! I do hope that in spite of everything Julian was able to heal his relationship with Julian before his murder.

  10. hey_you says:

    @karin korach, they were making strides to repair their relationship, before john’s time was cut short.

  11. Bill C. says:

    Interestingly, the biggest song of their career ‘Hey Jude’ is derivative of Julians’ first name which is derivative of Johns’ mother. And Paul started writing it originally thinking of Julian and what he and his family were going through.

  12. mina says:

    I think John wasn’t too open on his twenties. Maybe that’s the reason why he never mentioned Julian’s name in a song… John was hiding his private life. The only opportunity he did something personal with names, was in “Julia” by that time.
    John never mentioned the name “Cynthia” in any song either.

    But, how many times did he say “Yoko”? In how many songs? Plenty! Which he also did that with Sean.

    Or maybe they inspired him more, I don’t know… that’s a sad thought!

    Anyway, I do believe that “Good night” was inspired by Julian, and John included Julian on “Ya-Ya” recording playing drums as a surprise to him (W&B)… I think that’s beautiful.

  13. mina says:

    Julian’s first name is John.

  14. d- says:

    It just makes me sad to think of how Julian must have felt listening to Beautiful Boy, knowing that it not written for him but for the “better” son, and knowing that his dad had never written any song about him. When you think about it, it’s almost cruel. John should have found a way for Beautiful Boy to be Beautiful Boys. … I love the song but I can’t hear it without thinking of Julian.

  15. Ishie says:

    d – I’ve thought the same thing over the years and wondered how many times Julian has asked himself “What about me?” There has to be a permanent scar but Julian seems determined to rise above it all because he loves Sean and wants to maintain a relationship with him. That ceratinly speaks for Julian’s character.
    Unfortunately, it took John far too many years to realize what it means to be a ‘Daddy’ … and time ran out!

  16. Alice says:

    It was so sad that Julian’s last visit to John was marred by the incident in which John lost his temper with him and ridiculed his nervous laugh. Apparently Julian has felt self-conscious about his laugh ever since.

  17. sebas says:

    John says “Hello Julian!” in the ‘Stand By Me’ video.

  18. Jeannette says:

    I do believe John DID lavish attention on Julian to some degree. But during that time, John was a very busy Beatle who was rarely home, and also, he was still a very young man who really wasn’t around children all that much prior to Julian’s arrival. I think now, judging from Julian’s recent interviews, he realizes now what was John going through and he wasn’t really ready to have kids.

    As for the photo, I see John affectionately fixing Julian’s hair while George holds him, showing that Julian does have John’s attention.

    However the one thing that does bug me the slightest about Julian was that Sean had a bigger room with lots of toys. I know Julian was very young to remember but he did live in Weybridge while living with John who had spoiled him at that age. It wasn’t until the divorce that Julian’s bedroom went from big to average middle class.

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