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7 Responses to “JOHN FROM WHEN?, LATE 67?:”

  1. Markzapp says:

    This photo is from late(Sept./Oct.)1966. It was used in a “Look” Magazine cover story from December 1966. This was during the filming of “How I Won The War”.

  2. Dirk says:

    correct in 1967 he has a beard and Glasses

  3. Shirley says:

    Oh beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy. Thank you Miss Tammy, never ever seen this before!x

  4. Tammy says:

    I’m really thinking it about the time of the Fool on the hill recording sessions, hold on while i try and invoke the spirit and essence of ‘Datey’ .. oh Datey!!, come unto us with your thoughts ..

  5. Markzapp says:

    Um, Greg? I told you when it was from. Do I need to send the entire magazine to you?

  6. beatle55 says:

    dec. 13th 1966 issue of look. where have you been markzapp? love, a friend.

  7. Markzapp says:

    I’ve been back for the last month posting comments. I just laid low from the beginning of the year until June. I was always viewing the site though. Greg received the info from me last night.

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