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38 Responses to “JOHN AND JULIAN:”

  1. hey you says:

    beautiful in this sad sort of way.

  2. Ishie says:

    ‘Hey you’, I feel the same way. It is a very touching photo and I can’t help but feel so very sad for Julian. I think what bothers me the most is that John knew what is was like not to have a father around. He wore the scars from it and even tried ‘primal therapy’ to deal with those demons & yet he did the very same thing to Julian.
    Not until Sean was born did he realize what it was like to be a father and he made a commitment to fatherhood. He was just getting his relationship with Julian back on track when he was murdered and I can only hope that John made Julian aware of his love …. Julian deserved that!

  3. hey you says:

    that’s what i think when i see photos of julian with john. that julian never really got to feel the love of his father. it was as you pointed out like history repeating itself.

  4. A different Jennifer says:

    I love this photo and thank you Ishie for that excellent post. When John was murdered, it was SO much more than a world losing an icon. His sons have to carry that pain for the rest of their life. So sad. But beautiful boys.

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    maybe if he had been more fatherly…
    he’d have been less Beatley…
    Thankfully, there are no accidents and only Julian suffered
    (sorry, Julian…destiny is unbending)

  6. Rachel says:

    this is such a beautiful pic. poor Julian.

  7. Jema says:

    I’ve always thought this picture was really cute!

  8. A different Jennifer says:

    Getting back to the picture: it is SO cute. John had some pretty gorgeous boys. I think Julian was a beautiful child and Sean as a child was one of the most gorgeous children I have ever seen.

  9. Julia says:

    John did have some beautiful children…but then he was a very pretty child himself. The cutest of the four I think.

  10. A different Jennifer says:

    I agree with you Julia. I recall his cousin Leila saying that it was hard not to adore him (as a child) because he was THE most precious little boy. And then Mimi sort of wanted him all for herself because he was the most beautiful baby in the room- well, that wasn’t the main reason, but certainly part of the appeal.

  11. Lee says:

    John was not the cutest of the four. That would be Paul. Obviously. And Paul’s children were/absolutely adorable.

  12. A different Jennifer says:

    Lee, you are a *tad* annoying. You went on the other John picture and insulted John fans on there. Why not stick to gloating on the Paul pics then? John was DEFINITELY the cutest of the four AS A CHILD. That is what we’re talking about, ok? John was a gorgeous little boy and had two very beautiful sons. We’re not even talking about Paul.

    (And just the same, John and George were the handsomest by FAR to me, so…jmo)

  13. Beatlemark says:

    It’s so obvious Ms. Tammy….posting them side by side. :-)

    As much as I love John, if I were to be a Beatle child born in the 70’s, I’d much rather be the child of one Mr. Macca. At least me mum would have some artistic talent.

  14. Julia says:

    Lee, can you try not to hate? I never said Paul’s kids weren’t cute. In fact they were adorable! Paul was a beautiful little boy too, I personally just think John was even more so. How ridiculous would it possibly be to get in a fight over the cuteness of children? All little kids are adorable. All little Beatle kids were/are adorable. All four little Beatles were adorable. Pointing out that one is extremely cute doesn’t mean others aren’t.

  15. Julia says:

    Damn, I can’t believe I just posted something so long over as trivial a topic as the sweetness of small children. :)

  16. hey you says:

    i can’t believe someone got offended that paul isn’t thought of as the cutest beatle child when the picture is of john and julian. what a world. lol.

  17. C3BlueNote says:

    A “penny for your thoughts, John”

  18. A different Jennifer says:

    Thank you Julia and ‘hey you.’

    Enough said.

    Back to this picture: I love how relaxed John looks, how adorable Julian is touching his daddy’s mustache, and how much love penetrates from this simple picture. Julian has used this photo for his White Feather Foundation promos for a reason; it is beautiful.

    Like the father and son.

  19. Julia says:

    Jennifer, I didn’t even notice he was petting the ‘stache! Ha! :)

  20. Joy says:

    I always thought Julian looked like John but looking at this picture he resembles Cynthia but then he looks (and sounds) just like his dad in his later years – cute picture!

  21. A different Jennifer says:

    Joy, I go back and forth on Julian’s resemblance. Currently, I feel he looks like Cynthia. But perhaps 10 years ago I think he looked a lot more like John. In his youth, he resembled John (when he had shorter hair). I think as a child he goes back and forth. I think he has Cynthia’s face shape and her original nose. But he *sort of* has the length of John’s nose and some semblance of John’s eyes (but smaller and not the long eyelashes). His coloring is more John, but then Cyn was naturally brown haired so I could be wrong. And I think he has John’s build.

    I have to do a lot of people observations like this at work so don’t find me as peculiar as I seem. I think Sean probably looks more like John, but his Asian features betray people into thinking he looks more like Yoko. When in fact, I really don’t think he looks much like Yoko really…lol!

    John had strong genes.

  22. Louise says:

    Here is another example of the John favoritism that I mentioned in a previous post.

    Here you have a photo of John and Julian that gets 21-plus comments, even though John wasn’t exactly a good father to Julian and Julian said in an article just last month that John’s poor parenting was the reason Julian has never wanted children.

    And right below it is a photo of Paul with James that gets only 4 comments, even though Paul was a terrific father to all of his kids.

    I’m not trying to “pull a Lee” here and be obnoxious, but the contrast is striking on this blog.

  23. hey you says:

    people have there favorites. i don’t think there is anything wrong with that. maybe, the john fans are just more vocal, but that doesn’t mean paul doesn’t have his far share.

  24. hey you says:

    excuse all of the typos.

  25. A different Jennifer says:

    Dear Louise, yes John wasn’t a great father to Julian when he was younger. But I believe you may have read a different article from me because the Telegraph article worded the title as if Julian “blamed” John but all Julian said in the article was that he didn’t want to have kids until he was ready BECAUSE his father wasn’t ready when he had him. So that’s “blaming” John?

    I feel like, as a John fan, I have to be on all defenses with people. Any chance they get to throw one dig at him- even in a post with a sweet picture of him with his son- they take it.

    Sorry the pic of James and Paul didn’t get many hits. Sorry that you feel like it’s “Lennon favoritism” but I just happen to think this picture is sweet and adorable and shows a lot of love.

    Thanks for your comment ‘hey you!’

  26. Julia says:

    Well, louise, the first ten or so comments are mostly about how sad this picture is, and mention that John was in fact a crappy father at the time. I think debating somebody’s negative qualities usually does muster more comments than just talking about how good a dad they were, as we’d be doing on the Paul and James picture.

  27. nick_L says:

    It’s is interesting that the John pics get more hits because I don’t necessarily subscribe to the view that there are more John fans here. It could be that we comment more on the John pics because there are a limited number of them and it’s nice to reminisce and speculate etc. Maybe it’s because he was always more controversial. I dunno.

    On the subject of likeness. Have you ever noticed how Seans profile is so much like John’s? I’m not sure who wins in the resemblance sweepstakes though. I was very fortunate to meet Julian and sit in with him when he performed at a radio station in the 80’s and he had a slightly crooked smile and his hair swept back which didn’t exactly scream John. Then he bowed his head slightly and looking at his features from that angle gave me goosebumps because it was 100% John. Funny old thing these genes.

  28. A different Jennifer says:

    Who really cares what Beatle has more fans? Is that os any consequence at all? I’m so puzzled that people are actually putting thought into this? Is it pertinent? John may have not been the best dad when Julian was little, but then we probably wouldn’t have had all those Beatles album/songs and the fans then wouldn’t have had all those tours. Consider that people. My goodness.

    Anyway, nick: interesting! I met Sean and there definitely John features screaming out. Firstly, he is WAY more handsome than he appears in pics. He as very large/animated eyes and long eyelashes. He has a ‘John’ nose, face shape, and he was very narrow and kind of small-ish in a way that perhaps John was (?). And he wasn’t extremely tall, but not short either. He was very charming, funny, conversational and accommodating.

    I never met Julian but I’d sort of like to see him live at some point. His music is nice. I prefer Sean’s to be honest, but Julian has a really beautiful voice!

  29. nick_L says:

    Very cool Jennifer! He always comes across as very charming in interviews. It does sound like his build is just like John’s. I think all of the Beatles could be described as narrow or slight really. Probably thanks to the rationing that went on long after, a lot of wartime kiddies were a bit smaller than those that followed.

    It’s a testament to the kind of guys all four Beatles were that all of their kids grew up to be so well-adjusted and grounded. Was Sean funny in the way John was funny? I’m curious to know if he absorbed his particular sense of humor in the short time they were together.

  30. A different Jennifer says:

    Nick: Sean was hilarious. And quick. The band that opened for them were selling their CDs and *no on was buying them*. So Sean grabbed a bunch in his hand and was like, “Going once, going twice, good music here!!! Come and get it!” or something like that- and they were actually really good so I was like, “I’ll buy one.” And Sean was like “Sold to the pretty girl with awesome coat over here.” So when I went to pay Sean, he was all, “What kind of coat is this- can I touch it?” It was faux fur but he was all, “Your style is amazing. I’d wear that hat.” My mom was there and she’s from South America. She doesn’t really cater to anyone, regardless of them being a musician, son of a Beatle, whatever. So she was like, “I heard you spoke French. I want you to write me something in French and sign it.”

    And he wrote “thanks for that, Sean.”

    We spoke for a little bit as well and he was awesome. Really, really cool and warm person.

    His show was exceptional.

  31. Julia says:

    Aww, Jennifer, that’s amazing. Sean sounds so sweet! I’ve really love him. What does your coat look like?

  32. Julia says:

    correction: I really love him. typos :(

  33. A different Jennifer says:

    My coat looked almost identical to the one George wears on the Apple Rooftop show- but fake fur. 😉 Sean loved it and so did Charlotte. She was very sweet as well, but Sean has the more magnetic personality.

  34. Aeolian Cadence says:

    I agree the photo has a haunting sadness about it. Sometimes I’ve heard people express frustration — or even anger, almost — with John for not being a better father because “he should have known better.” But I just feel sad for him because not only did his dad show him how to be a bad father, neither did John have anyone showing him how to be a good father.

  35. nick_L says:

    Great story Jennifer!
    BTW, I love the way Sean and Charlotte sound together. I’m sure it was a great show. I think Sean and Dhani are being very clever with their careers. They’re not screaming “look at me!” and they’re definitely not trading on their heritage. They’re doing something totally original which is a relief really.

  36. A different Jennifer says:

    @AC: what I don’t understand is why ppl feel they have a right to judge John without taking into consideration his lifestyle and emotional age at the time. I take comfort in knowing that he got it SO right with Sean because he knew he had to, and that he reached out to Julian because he wanted to let him know he loved/cared.

    Nick: Yeah, I saw Dhani live in 2009 and he is doing something different than George. Sean’s music is beautiful to me, separate from John and the Beatles. I am a big fan.

  37. Bluesdude says:

    John didn’t like children. Period. He was married to a woman he didn’t love (Cynthia) which, made it worse for Julian and don’t believe all that “Househusband” bullshit either with Sean. The Lennons had many many people in their lives at the Dakota. None say John was a doting father. Christ, he locked himself in his room for a yr one time only seeing Sean and Yoko in passing. John had problems ! Especially with domesticity issues. It’s not his fault and I’m not faulting him but it’s the truth. John was a tortured artist who had great qualities and not so great…like all of us. That’s the problem with the Beatles’ fame. They became so famous that people want to look at all the layers of the four when the only thing that matters is the music ! Was Beethoven a good Father ? Who the fuck cares. That’s the way it should have been with John.

  38. Aeolian Cadence says:

    Bluesdude, actually I do believe that knowing more about an artist’s circumstances and struggles can add another layer to our appreciation of his work. Not always, of course. I mean, you don’t need to know anything about Stravinsky to appreciate “The Rite of Spring.” But I do find it the case with Shostakovich, say, or Beethoven. Not necessarily the bitter custody fight over his nephew to which you’ve alluded, but the deafness certainly. When it comes to John Lennon, because so much of John’s work was so confessional, it’s difficult to separate those layers. Some of that backstory might lead you to conclude he was a filthy hypocrite — or it might lead you to view him with more compassion.

    Oh, and going way back to Paul being the cutest baby, didn’t his dear old dad say just the opposite? Just goes to show people can change. : )

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