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5 Responses to “JOHN AND BRIAN CANDID:”

  1. Brian says:

    And Pete Best on the far right?
    Seems like a double exposure this one, you can sort of see (I think) George with his back to the camera, on the right too.

  2. Ken Wood says:

    There are a couple of those – don`t remember where I saw them first but I think they are all double-exposed on purpose – some artstic experiment. Hamburg I think.

  3. Cara says:

    John looks so sweet and innocent in this photo! Maybe that was the experiment?? 😉

  4. zappaf78 says:

    Chazz from the “Savage Young Beatles” website had corrected this photo. This was taken at the Tower Ballroom around late 1961-early 1962.

  5. Ken Wood says:

    Thanks zappaf78!
    Not sure why I remembered them as Hamburg and I also might have been wrong thinking there are several ones of these. Anyway, here is the site:

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