8 Responses to “JOHN:”

  1. Jorge says:

    Wow, that bottom pic almost looks like a wax figure!

  2. Michael says:

    2nd to last and last pics: 2 years difference and the pics look like 2 different people. Always found it amazing how much they had changed when ’67 rolled around.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these and all the other great pictures, there were so many that were new to me. : )

  4. Joy says:

    That 3rd picture he looks like my salt and pepper shakers….what? Let me explain I’ve got THE BEATLES on my kitchen table so this one of John resembles how he looks in china. Confusing yes? Don’t ask me to explain

  5. John says:

    the 3rd picture, the blurry one, is extremely beautiful

  6. John says:

    sorry, I meant to say the last one, with glasses, is a very stunningly beautiful photograph that is probably hard to achieve with todays digital technology

  7. KTH says:

    Just a gorgeous man.

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    Too bad Lizzie didn’t get to see that early Lennon hair in person…
    the straight brushed/combed look of 64/65/66 was very potent stuff.
    (watch the humidity rise)

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