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5 Responses to “JENNY AND PATTI:”

  1. Alice says:

    Jenny’s nicked the boots Pattie wore in San Francisco!

  2. Lennonhead says:

    Those clothes are on the thin line between awesome and horrible.

  3. jOjO says:

    yea ,,would love to take all those horrible cloths off …every stitch. >:-)

  4. Alpha Bitch says:

    There’s something of the court jester in these outfits! Too funny.

  5. jniml4 says:

    Yeah, Pattie wore those “gladiator boots” a lot (esp. trip to LA with George). I always thought she borrowed them from Jenny, not the other way around??? Oh, well, Pattie’s face on this pic is so incredibly beautiful, and I always liked Jenny…

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