Some time in about 1966 Paul brought this vintage car, i know some reader of this blog will know all about it and i hope they’ll pass on the information to me, i’ve googled it but turned up nothing, all i know is that it looks pretty cool and has shown up over and over during the years at events Paul attends, a fan even manage to film it recently sitting in Pauls driveway at Peasmarsh. UPDATE .. Just as i suspected my Fab Macca pal in the states Sue has come up with the good’s on Paul’s jalopy, i hope you dont mind Sue, i’m reproducing the portion of the email you sent me in regards to Pauls car .. ‘You mean the big old 1920s cruiser he drove at Mary’s wedding? He’s had that car since the ’60s. It’s a 1928 Hispano Suiza limo (mistakenly labelled a Rolls Royce in the picture captions at Mary’s wedding). I think he called it “Rainbow” because of the multi-colored upholstery he had put in it during the 60s. He still drives it occasionally. Five years ago there was a story on a Rolls Royce collector’s forum about a car show in England where Paul rolled up to display his car and chat with the other car buffs. Just like a regular guy.
BTW, I see that Paul’s legendary green Aston Martin DB6 of his swingin’ 60s bachelor days has been purchased by Aston Martin for their collection and has been restored to like new condition. Even the in-dash record player works again. Must bring a tear to Paul’s eye…’ Thanks heaps for the info Sue.

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