Jatz crackers.


Happy new year everybody. Sorry I didn’t get to post before the festive season, things got busy, and I flew out immediately afterwards for a summer break. Never fear, here I am. As we spin out of summer, and things get back to normal here, so will the blog.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    What a great moment, our Tammy is back!!! And on a good date too, 48 years ago today Gayleen and yours truly would spend those couple of hours in the “divine presence” as one of the dear friends here wrote the other day… Happy Across the Universe day to all!

  2. mcarp555 says:

    Jai Guru Deva Om to you Lizzie.

    Welcome back Tammy, although we knew you weren’t really gone at all. Just “away”.

  3. Nick D. says:

    Love your book! What a great job and simply a treat for us Beatle people..Thank you for your gift of love of all things Beatle…

    Welcome back, Greg! I hope you are have an awesome summer. We are actually having spring like weather here, in the East coast of America! Gotta love Mother nature!

  4. guess i’m not the only one here with Beatles obsessiveness: Tammy hasn’t posted anything in 2 months until today and there’s a bunch of posts already :-)

    Most of you check this blog every day, don’t you? Hey i do too. when it comes to Beatles obsessiveness cue Diana Ross “if there’s a cure for this, i don’t want it”

  5. Keith Bratley says:

    Welcome back.

  6. Sage Brush says:

    YAHOO! It is a grand day. Thank you Miss Tammy for all that you do.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Tammy kangaroo down sport

  8. GLCompany says:

    Great to see you’re back Miss Tammy

  9. Michael says:

    Glad to have you back!

  10. Lizzie says:

    Thanks mcarp and Nick! OF COURSE I come to this blog every day, many times more than once. An obsession is serious business! Looking forward to the next posts.

  11. Bob says:

    Welcome back !!

  12. alf says:

    all units – code four – subject located and detained – repeat – subject located- return to normal duties – as you were !

  13. Since 1963 says:

    I check this site more often than my work mail. 😜

  14. Miss Tammy is a dreadful minx sometimes. Often I’ll be sitting, poised in Tingle Manor, hovering over the enter key of my computer, ready to load up my latest post. But something wicked comes over me and I recoil back, standing my finger at ease. Knowing full well beady eyes are staring at screens, just waiting for Miss Tammy to unleash a gush of photos. But I know, and try to educate, that most of the fun is in the antici-pation, the wait . .

    So I’m always here, toying with my photographic morsels, just waiting for the right moment to drop a blog.

    Aren’t I naughty?, aren’t I becoming dreadful in my spinsterhood? 😛

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    Tammy must have been at the 2016 Dame Edna Seminars
    (Rogue Koala self-defense, Lavender upside down cake, Everage Or Leverage)
    Kenny, please come to will-call…Tammy Tingles is waiting for you.

  16. mcarp555 says:

    You blog-tease, you!

  17. MarkZapp says:

    You can blow your load on me anytime as long as it’s rare Beatles photos!!! Lol!!! Aren’t I naughty!!!???

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