JAPAN 80 PT-3:

In this group of photos we see Paul arriving at the airport (separate from the family who didnt see him until he got on the plane) amazingly several film crews booked tickets on the same flight so just when Paul thought he may get a little peace and quiet he ended up having to do several interviews, it was interesting that they captured the moment Paul and Linda and the kids were reunited in the front of the jumbo in the first class section, later Paul, Linda and Heather were filmed sitting in there seats pror to take off.

It was interesting to see P[aul wearing a JAL ‘Happy Jacket’ during the flight, the Fabs were filmed wearing these when they arrived in Japan in 1966.

The rest of the photo’s show Paul during the various interviews, my favorite question came from a Japanese reporter who asked Paul if he still smokes pot, Paul replies ‘No, i gave up’

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