Japan 1979.

Shamelessly borrowed from Miss Sara’s blog. I’ve tweaked the pics so we can see them more clearly. Not sure who these people are, perhaps the owners of the cafe John and Yoko used to frequent?.

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  1. Hiro says:

    The cafe you mentioned means Rizan-bo in Karuizawa? If so,they are not.
    Not for sure,but some of them look like the people in the group-photograph of Onos’ relatives reunion party,held in Tokyo,1977(of course,John and little Sean were there).
    So I think they are Yoko’s relatives….

  2. Nick D. says:

    It could be Yoko’s Mother and Father?

  3. Hiro says:

    I think her father already passed away at that time, and I know Isoko Ono,her mother’s face,and she’s not in this pic.

  4. Chris says:

    Tammy if you do a google image search on John Lennon Hudson River you can find a few candid images of John. Very interesting.

  5. derek says:

    these look like screenshots off video…

  6. Harold says:

    It’s Yokos family and cousins.

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