Hyacinth Francine, now is your moment to shine. Take us through some of the confusion that surrounds John photo’s from 1977.

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  1. Hitachi says:

    OK, the top 3 are from the Jimmy Carter Inauguration on Jan 20 1977. The bottom 2 are from when J & Y attended the opening of the new Merce Cunnigham Dance Troupe’s show at the Minskoff Theater on Jan 18. Also attending were their friends James Taylor & Carly Simon whom they also went out for dinner with afterwards. Also at the Theater was Frank Zappa and his wife. Lots of pics taken on both these occasions.
    John & Yoko had previously been out just 3 weeks earlier to a restaurant to celebrate New Years with James and Carly but so far no photographs have surfaced.
    Also in January, reportedly on the 10th, John signed the papers to finally cut ties with Allen Klein. They even arrived in the same limo and Neil Aspinall was present as well. A number of pics from this day are floating around.
    In March they visited their friend, George Mariunas on his farm outside Boston. Pics exist of them having fun in the snow there. March 29, back in New York they took Sean to the circus. Mick Jagger just happened to be there too. Two or three pics of this exist. Then it was off to Japan for the summer (basically July – early Oct) Lots of pics from this time. The most interesting one though is when they visited either Hong Kong or Singapore and John ran into David Bowie and a photo was taken.
    Near the end of their stay in Japan they held a Press Conference. Seems no TV cameras were allowed as only photos have surfaced. Back home in NY on Oct 21 John was the best man for his friend, actor, Peter Boyle’s wedding (no pics so far) and following this J&Y attended a party for Rod Stewart to celebrate his two sold out MSG concerts. A few pics from this exist but none of John with Rod or with any other celebs at the party which seems strange. I still have a question mark over these pics and if they really are from that party.
    In December Julian visited once more and a couple of pics exist of them having fun in the snow somewhere.
    There are three or four more pics from 1977 that I have no idea about. Hopefully my analysis of the others are correct or at least very close :) Still waiting for a certain book to set the records straight!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting these, they’re great. : )

  3. Joy says:

    I hardly recognized Yoko in that first picture – she looks really good there!

  4. Lizzie says:

    lovely. john looks amazing (as usual).

  5. Cara says:

    Yes, he definitely does, Lizzie. Yoko looks great in these as well. Thanks for all the details, Hitachi. I love when actual facts prove that John wasn’t holed up depressed in The Dakota as some “writers” would have us believe.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    I wonder why they wanted to attend the Jimmy Carter Inaugural. Was this a gratuitous maneuver for the green card? Or was John trying to ease into the political affiliation zone? I can’t believe he would do it. Maybe it was Yoko’s idea. Either way, this is the reciprocal of handing back your MBE.

  7. Miss Tammy says:

    Greetings my friend from the cosmos. My take on John attending is it was in some way him drawing a line under the nightmare years of Republican, where he was hounded, chased, spied on and hunted. I guess it was a time of relief and celebration.

  8. Jameseyboy says:

    Oh my god(sorry all faith healers)but is that an alien walking behind John and Yoko in the bottom photo?I remember John saying he’d seen a UFO over the Hudson river but this looks as if they were coming after him!…Its an alien!!look out!he’s disguised in a big coat, obviously no neck and a very small head, proof at last that THEY are amongst us..at least John suspected it was going on!

  9. Imagine says:

    Wow ! For the first few months of ’77 John and Yoko appeared to be seen everywhere. From Gala’s and plays to even TV coverage of Sean attending the Circus with his Mom and Dad:)

  10. Jorge says:

    Ha ha, I just noticed that “alien” too Jameseboy

  11. Cristiano says:

    To Hitachi: hi!
    I thought I was the only freak of the dates, and it comforts me … :) Are you sure about the 18 January? I understand that the gala Carter was on January 19, in Washington, and I know that their participation was rather fortuitous, so it seems strange on the eve of a trip that the night before they came out…

  12. Derek says:

    Not to mention providing his portion of Free As A Bird—

    I think in 77 he was probably just enjoying not having a record deal to live up to. (It wasn’t like he hadn’t earned it). And wisely dodged being labelled a dinosaur by punk rockers too.

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