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11 Responses to “IRON CLAD CRITTLE:”

  1. Chris says:

    It must have been so cool deciding what clothes to wear as a Beatle.

  2. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Tammy, did you know John Crittle moved to Australia before he passed away?
    See this article about his daughter Darcy Bussell

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi, no i didn’t know that .. pity, it seems like he never got it sorted with his family before he passed away.

  4. BeatleMark says:

    John looked rather cool in a fedora! Ha Ha! Johnny Fedora met Alice Blue Bonet in a window of the department store….. :-)

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Have reproductions of John’s leather ‘necklace’ ever been available? I have always wanted one, or would even have one made if I could find a close-up photy to look at. Where did he get it? I always thought it was from India, but wasn’t he wearing it when he got on the train(and Cyn didn’t) in Banghor? Any help is appreciated.

  6. Greg R says:

    I forgot who it was through this blog that originally told me about the necklace, but it’s apparently called a Talisman necklace. The same person linked me to these two websites that do reproductions of it. Seems mildly pricey for what it really is, but it’s a pretty spectacular little necklace.

    Looking through the photos of John and the period in which he wore the necklace, it appears that he may have gotten bits of it repaired/modified. The metal and bead work seem to change color. I think in some photos the hoops/rings look like white plastic as in the first link and at other times, they look metallic like in the second link.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Greg R you have made my day. I’m excited about the links and I am grateful for the additional info as well. As Tammy always says, I knew I was at the right place for such eclectic Fab-info. Thanks Tammy for giving me such a perfect platform to obtain the unobtainable! GregR…one more time: Thank you.

  8. Francesca Crittle says:

    John Crittle was my brother, he did not move to Australia, but rather returned to his homeland, he was born in Australia and did not go to the UK until he was in his early twenties, he returned to australia in his thirties and lived in Sydney and the north coast of New South Wales (8 hrs nth of sydney) and had a beautiful little farm in the Byron hinterland until his death in his early fifties. He was always an Australian and loved this country above all. The UK wqs just a brief encounter.

  9. Michael williams says:

    Hi Francesca i was a great frien of John we spent a lot of time together i still have a few very small photos of a fashion show we did together in london i would love to hear from you and hear about Johns life after he returned to Austraila.
    best wishes
    michael Williams.

  10. Catherine Crittle says:

    Hi Michael, I am also one of John’s sisters. I would love to see any photos you have of John. How well did you know him?
    Contact me at

  11. Alanna Somers (aka Vic) says:

    John was my 1st boyfriend (during his Queen St Woollahra years) and over 35 years later I still remember him warmly

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