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  1. Joy says:

    I just adore that look on him – wonder what he was trying to explain?

  2. Hitachi says:

    March 13, 1970 in Paris promoting the Krishna album

  3. MarkZapp says:

    So definitely not long hair at the Madison Square!

  4. Tammy says:

    Good one Hyacinth, i was hoping you’d chime in. I wasn’t sure you were allowed near a typewriter with your bail conditions :-)

  5. stephenmcg says:

    MSG,bangla desh,over a year later aug 71.So when in 71 was it chopped shorter?is there much photographic record between post ATMP release and working on “imagine”?

  6. MarkC says:

    Off topic, but are there any photos of the I Me Mine recording session in January 1970?

  7. maria.m says:

    i adore his beautiful hair

  8. Joy says:

    Just curious does anyone know if this picture was around the time of ATMP?

  9. stephenmcg says:

    Mark C,I was wondering the same thing only the other day.prompted by watching Wingspan again.At the same time ,they did overdubs for “Let it be”
    and Paul got Linda to do a high harmony.Which means she was there,with camera?
    Joy,one would guess it is as his hair is this length as on group shots with Phil S,Ringo,Billy preston,Pete Drake etc.Solo pictures of George and accoustic,orange shirt,same day as group shot.
    on later pictures holding lp in car,its still this length,ditto the pictures with pete bennet and phil s,by 16 track machine.
    By may 71 for Imagine its shorter,any pictures between release of ATMP and May?

  10. MarkC says:

    Photos of George with either Paul or John after the Tittenhurst ’69 last photo session are always interesting.
    George with John: the Lyceum ballroom, Imagine sessions, the one from ’74 where it looks like John is falling into George.
    George with Paul: ’74 partnership dissolution signing from Scorcese film, ’75 Venus and Mars party, ’79 Pattie/Eric wedding party, ’81 Ringo’s wedding and All Those Years Ago photo with George Martin an Denny Laine, Anthology, 2000 photo by Pattie holding goblet up to Ringo.

  11. MarkC says:

    I always wondered if there were photos of J,G and R at the I’m the Greatest session.
    Also interesting John and Ringo together in NYC in 1980.

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    He looks as if he’s seen a lawn gnome
    or it’s a Pantene advert

  13. Lawn gnomes and Pantene are rebellion. And freedom. Remember that.

  14. Kwai Chang says:

    That which we run from
    is that which we run to…

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