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9 Responses to “INTERVIEW:”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for these. : )

  2. hey_you says:

    i might not be a yoko fan but i really think she had moments when she looked quite striking/beautiful and this is one of those moments.

  3. Ishie says:

    hey_you … I think Yoko aged beautifully & actually looks attractive with short hair. I recall an interview that John gave (I think it was the ‘Mike Douglas Show’) where he commented that fans and others were calling Yoko ugly and she was not ugly … he thought her beautiful. He saw something in her that many of us did not and many years on we’re starting to see what he was talking about!

  4. Chris says:

    YOKO WAS NEVER UGLY!!! I ticks me off when people say that. Yoko always had a natural beauty! I have to laugh when people who are UGLY call Yoko that name. And Yoko looks great today too!

  5. Ishie says:

    She certainly does. She always had a very serene look and yes, a natural beauty!

  6. hey_you says:

    @ ishie, yeah he said that she would hide behind her hair. i might not like things she’s done but i think she could be very striking. i never thought of her as being ugly. she just has these moments when she smiles or she’s photographed from a particular angle when she looks rather lovely.

  7. Rmacca says:

    Yoko looked like a man to me..cut her hair off and…really.
    I think even John said that Yoko was like a man in drag?
    Linda was not anything special looks wise too.
    Both were kinda of manly looking at times.

    Have to give those two rock gods credit for not having the trophy wife that most rock stars tend to covet. George and Pattie 😉

  8. Kay says:

    ^Yoko’s hair is fixed smoother and away from her face in these photos. A prettier hair style certainly helps a person’s attractiveness. I didn’t think Linda’s spiked hair period did her any favors either. They’re certainly not ugly women but a nice hair style goes a long way in bringing out their unique beauty.

  9. A different Jennifer says:

    I agree with the above poster who said Yoko was never ugly. uhhh…YES!!! She was actually naturally beautiful. She wore NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER in most of those pics, quite like Linda who was often referred to as “plain” when she was beautiful. I respect a lady who can go out stripped bare of cover up, mascara, and the like. I believe jealous people are the ones who talk smack about her looks. She had a cute, slender body and didn’t wear makeup and has aged beautifully. Haters gonna hate.

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